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Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by Boogabooga, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Boogabooga

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    Well I wave to decided to complete my 10 gallon tank I want to add two more corydoras to it I already have two in my tank but I never really researched them and learned about them, in my tank currently I have two albino Cories and a peppered loach, and I've noticed that my Cories have become rather inactive in the past few weeks and seem to reside to one side of the tank so my questions are

    1. How many Cories usually school together.

    2. What will Cories usualy eat? I feed them sinking pellets or I have algae wafers and regular flake of corse.

    3. Do Cories have to school with the same type or will they school with other types?

    4. Will Cories be more active in bigger schools?

    My tank!
  2. brodylane1122

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    Yes, corys will be more active in larger schools-5/6 or more. The problem is you have too small of a tank for a school of corys. Most people (myself included) wouldn't put corys in anything smaller than a 20 gallon, and a 29+ is more ideal.
  3. Nikita

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    I would recommend getting rid of that Peppered Loach, it needs a bigger tank.

    1) Usually a school of at least 4 or up is good. I would recommend more of like a school of 5 - 6 even. Now, since this is a 10 gallon, I recommend only adding it up to 4 more. A 10 gallons footprint, In My Honest Opinion, is not big enough for cories and they could at least have a 20 gallon tank (Long) to suffice in.

    2) I feed my cories as you did yours. I used sinking shrimp pellets, a special brand of algae wafers, and occasionally they would eat some flakes.

    3) In My Experience, cories will only school with their own type of species. Possibly similar looking cory species will school, but it never happened with me. I would just recommend getting a full school of one before you attempt to try and add on with other types of cories.

    4) In My Experience, yes. I had a school of 4 once and they were not so active, but then I added it up to 8 and those boogers were everywhere!

  4. 3aquariums

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    If there are more cories in a 10 gallon it is going to require a massive water change every week, which will probably shock them with the sudden change in parameters. Not recommended. If you want to, it's not too difficult to transfer everything over to a 20 gallon but you'll need another filter if the one that came with the tank is rated for only 10 gallons.
  5. freak78

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    If you can't get a bigger tank I would have the dwarf Cory's that won't get big.
  6. riptide904

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    Bigger tank would be good :). The only cory I can think of that works well long term in a 10G is a school of Pygmy Cories, and even those are questionable by some people.