My powder blue dwarf gourami

  1. llgarfield90 Initiate Member

    He is one of my newest additions, and by far my favorite! He has such a personality, and he's just so gorgeous to me. [​IMG]
    And I also think he might be a little bit full of himself LOL, he's constantly staring at his reflection! Not that I can blame him mostly just showing him off to you here, but just for the record, I read that all powder blue dwarf gourami are male. Does anyone know that to be accurate?
  2. Airth Member Member

    I don't see why there wouldn't be females in the powder blue variety. Most LFS only sell males though due to females not being as vibrantly colored. Maybe that's what was meant by them all being male?

    He's a pretty boy. =) I have a flame dwarf and a neon blue dwarf male. My last female passed last night. =(
  3. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    Like he said they come in male and female But pet stores usually don't stock the females as a rule because most people just want the male due to color. Only keep one male per tank as two males will eventually fight and badly injure or will kill the other as they mature. Lovely color. ..;) Alison
  4. llgarfield90 Initiate Member

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about your loss ️ Do you know what happened? And thanks both, that makes more sense about the gourami being male. I'd like to get some females and try to breed them. I've had such good accidental luck with my other fish breeding, I can't help but dream about baby gourami swimming everywhere ️ I do have two males in my tank, one is a regular dwarf gourami and one is powder blue. They get along great but I've only had the powder for a week so I hope they stay friends! Would getting some females lower the chances of aggression? Also my powder is much smaller than the other guy, age I assume. Here they are[​IMG]
    I think they love each other
  5. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Adding a female could cause these guys killing each other.
  6. Airth Member Member

    I believe she passed from iridovirus. She wasn't swimming well anymore and sat at the bottom of the tank breathing hard. Poor baby was on her side. All tank params checked out and no one else has been having problems so that's all I can think it could have been.

    How big is your tank? It's generally not a good idea to keep more than one DG per tank as aliray mentioned ( I am a girl by the way lol). Anything smaller than a 55 and I'd suggest getting them separate housing. The second picture makes me think there may be some territory squabbling going on. Your males in that one are postured defensively. Just keep an eye on them and be prepared to move one if needed.

    If you decide to get females, again, a large tank is needed since you have two males. General rule of thumb for them is at least 2 females per male. The boys can and will be aggressive with them so be sure to provide lots of hiding spots and plants to break up their lines of sight.

    My two boys are sharing a 55 gallon with plenty of hiding spots. The neon took over the left side of the tank and the flame took over the right side. They chase each other out of their territories on occasion but mostly stay to their sides of the tank. When I had my 3 females, the flame chased them mercilessly while they were spawning.
  7. llgarfield90 Initiate Member

    Thanks for response! And yes, mine is 55 gallons as well, but not really any hiding places. I need lots more plants. I'm keeping a close eye on them though. Ah dang I'm so scared one of my fish is going to get sick one day, so many fishy illnesses!!