My poor serpent star lost all his legs


My poor serpent star lost all his legs and looks like a little nub! I knew that losing one or two legs is fine, but all five?! Does anyone know if this will present problems, or is it fine. I was wondering if it was my Arrow Crab, but he's been a perfect gentleman. The only thing he destroys are bristle worms, which he tears apart with gusto! Let me know.
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HI gln, Sorry to hear about your seastar.
I separated this question from your other thread.
With a title that reflects the problem you should get more responses.

Good luck.
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Thanks Lucy!


I love the serpant stars...I have a huge one also.....I do know they are pretty peaceful and useful in the tank......I actually had a small problem with mine......I had other stars in there also point I had to get my sandsifter star out of his mouth.....I asked my LFS expert about it ,....he advissed me that there must have been something wrong with the sandsifter because they won't just go after other ones....I'm just thinking that maybe your little guys isn't well and the other ones are doing it...its sad but I think no matter what we do Mother nature will still take over.....

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