My poor poor fishy........... Important

  1. Boeing250

    Boeing250 Well Known Member Member

    I have had a tadpole in my tank and it has been eating my fish,It ate my guppy,I know because came home and the guppy was gone and the tadpole was really fat,that was yesterday,today I found my white clouds in the filter,all torn up and died.:( So I looked it up on line and found out that tadpoles do eat fish:mad:!I hate that tadpole so much now!
  2. poeticinjustices

    poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Aww I'm sorry for all the lost fishies :( I have a hard time being mad at fish or other aquatic pets that eat other fish. I feel sad for the lost pet but it helped me to remember that it's also not really personal, you know? He's just doing what instinct dictates. I was in your situation feeling upset when my goldfish ate my ghost shrimp but it's hard to hold a grudge. Especially since I'm the one that knew it was possible when I stuck the shrimp in there haha, I just didn't think such a clumsy, little, fancy goldfish could catch one of those buggers. Ah well, circle of life and all.

    I hope you figure out a solution that allows you to keep all of your fish happy and healthy and, again, sorry for the lost fishies :( Best of luck!
  3. Sayba

    Sayba Well Known Member Member

    Awwwh, sorry for your loss. I remember being a little kid and staring into a pond on a farm and seeing dozens of tadpoles munching on something, I poked them with a stick and when they all swam away I saw they were all eating another dead tadpole.

    It's always best to do over the top research. I didn't think tadpoles could actually hunt and kill fish though.