My poor little Reuben.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sayba, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    My poor little Reuben passed away this morning.

    I found out just the other day when I'm in the shower and my mum is using my brothers room to do her hair in (he has a very large full body mirror in there) he has been using my room to get dressed, spraying his hair products and antiperspirant. Maybe it was getting into Reub's water.

    My younger brother and I are heart broken, we buried the little fish in one of my mum's plant pots.

    Tearing down his tank was upsetting, I'm just getting over it now. I'm 23, little fish dying shouldn't upset me this much surely? Hating my other brother silently right now.

    Well I've put Reuben's filter in my big tank and banned any one from going near it. I want to try and keep it seeded so when the light goes off at night I'm switching Reub's filter on too, hope that helps. I don't think he had anything he could pass onto a crayfish, I don't think he died from a disease, He had fin rot issues and got over his bloating issue just a few days ago and was happily eating blood worms.

  2. petaddictionWell Known MemberMember

    I'm sorry. :(

  3. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you, I've never had a water pet die on me like this so it was surprising. My luck ran out I guess :/

  4. Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    I'm sorry about Reuben, but don't be too steamed at your brother. Anything he did was surely accidental.
  5. lollipopkillerWell Known MemberMember

    aww im sorry :(
  6. HappyKnitterValued MemberMember

    sorry to hear about Reuben.
  7. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Try not to be too mad at your brother, I'm sure he didn't mean it. Lots of love to you and your little brother through this tough

    PS. At any age, you are bound to feel sad after loosing a pet, it's normal! Don't let your age or that they are "just fish" let you believe otherwise.xxxx
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2014
  8. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you guys, I'm feeling better about it. On the up side my rabbit snail has had a baby.

    My brother Alex is just one of them, he messes up a lot, but I forgive him, he didn't mean it and really I should have told people not to spray stuff in my room near the tank.

    My other little brother Cameron is still really upset, he keeps sitting outside staring at the plant pot Reuben is buried in. I've cheered him up a bit, told him that the snail has had a baby. When the time comes I'll surprise him with a trip to Shirley Aquatics and let him pick out a betta.

    They aren't just fish at all, they are my babies ^-^ xxxxxx
  9. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    Sorry, I meant it to come across like when people say "they're just fish" don't listen to them, they're stupid poopy heads who don't understand!

    Congratulations on the baby! Maybe letting Cameron name it will help? And the trip to the LFS sounds great!

    I am assuming Alex is a teenager who uses A LOT of spray stuff, I can imagine the haze! My other half loves his deodorant.. He's only allowed to use it outside, if he wants to put it on inside, he can buy roll on ;)

    Sorry if I offended you, I really didn't mean it the way I have just read it. Lots of love.xx
  10. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Oh sorry, my bad, I was meant to sound like I was agreeing with you, I know what you meant haha.

    Oh he's named pretty much everything, he named my crayfish "Helena Bonham Carter" he named my snails "mamma snails and daddy snail" and he named our Reuben. He told me the sky is blue because it is full of water that Reuben is swimming in now. Bless him, he has such an amazing imagination.

    Haha, he is 22, he has a skin issue at the moment and is using a moister spray which he has to spray all over his body, he also has deodorant from the doctors for sensation skin which he abuses like it's not going to run out. I just hope poor Reu didn't suffer. I guess it's an easy mistake to make, I'll have to get a better lid.

    No offence taken at all, I know what you meant and I agree. I don't even see fish keeping as a hobby, a hobby is something you can stop at any time xD I'll be a fish keeping till I'm up there with Reuben haha.
  11. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    No worries, thought I'd stuck my foot in, sorry!

    I love Helena Bonham Carter as a crayfish name. It sounds very sophisticated too! And the sky is blue because it is full of water now.. melts my heart!!!!

    Bless Alex, he sounds like he's in the wars... and I understand the deodorant over use, it's ridiculous :)

    I agree, hate the word hobby. You don't hear of people Dog Keeping do you? No, they have a pet dog like I have pet fish. Same thing, same emotions ;)

    Lots of love.x
  12. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    It's my fault, I'm useless when it comes to talking to people online, it's too hard to say things the way you mean them to sound lol. Got myself into a lot of trouble on other forums because of it haha.

    I imagine she would look like Shirley from Eastenders if she was human, says a lot about her personality.
    I'm glad he passed away on a sunny day, took a lot of the gloom away from it, we got to sit outside and talk about how happy he is now swimming in the sky with all the other "angel fish".

    Oh is has been, he's getting over it now though, thank god.

    Mhmm, a hobby is maybe gardening or painting, you can take a break from your hobby, you can't just put a fish tank on pause because you're bored of it for a bit. You gotta have your heart in it. I love my Helena as much as I do my dogs, she is no hobby.

    Thanks for the love, I definitely need it right now! xxx
  13. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I keep doing it too. You mean sarcasm or quote and it comes out all wrong and you read it back and think what did I just say!?! As long as you understood where I was coming from :)

    And this, has made my day. I now imagine a cray speaking all cockney ;) with a little tuft of blonde hair! :D :D :D

    Your little brother sounds so sweet. I bet he's managed to sheer you right up with his little lines. The angel fish in all the water in the sky, I think I'll use that one when my little one is a little older. It's just lovely. It sounds like you've done a great job comforting him and I'm sure the sunshine helped a little too. (Has to be said, love having an actual summer for a change!) Although I am sure it's not helping your other brothers skin, bless.

    Yeah, a hobby you can start and stop whenever you feel like it, a job is something you do to earn money and having pets is like children. It's a lifestyle something you choose and love to do, can't and don't want to pause. Yes! You've got to have your heart in it! That's exactly it. You can love doing a hobby but you don't have the same love and passion as you do with animals.

    I've never had a dog or a cat but always had fish and rabbits and I couldn't pick a favourite. I love them all as much as each other. You wouldn't pick a favourite kid, would you?! (okay I once tried to give my son away on FaceBook, you caught me! But I didn't... Don't worry!! haha)

    Hope you manage a good night. I find dreaming of what to do with the tank is a good way to put positives on it. Forget what it was. It is now an empty tank with so many different opportunities to be filled with lovely things and beautiful Bettas :)

    Lots of love.xxxx

    EDIT: I've done it again.. "forget what it was" I don't mean forget, I mean try to get a good night by moving forwards and thinking of filling the tank. I don't mean moving forwards, I mean... Oh and now I can't explain what I mean. Foot in mouth. Gahh! Anyway, sorry I didn't mean anything by that is what I'm trying to say!xxx
  14. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    I've learnt over time to just do small take with people I don't know well, only be yourself around close friends and family haha.

    Awwwh, I'd love to put her in a little leather jacket too!

    I think I've been rather inspired by that line, might get my tablet out later and see what happens. Yeah he has cheered me up, he always does, we cheer each other up. Oh god I have been loving this weather, I haven't been in all week, looks like rain today, just in time for work to start up again. Ah Alex never leaves the house anyway, he's fine lol.

    So true, I think some people don't have the right amount of respect for what they're doing either. I know my grandad doesn't understand the slightest thing about having fish as pets, he just sees it as a big ornament where sometimes things in it die and must be replaced as soon as possible, and he has had tanks on and off for 30 odd years and has had 2 ponds.

    I didn't want to just forget about my poor Reuben but last night I was thinking of the possibilities. Shrimp and snail tank or betta again. I think it will be a betta with a nicer tank. Reubens was really rushed.

    I know what you mean xD I have always thought the best way of moving on is to literally move on, take you mind off it by giving yourself something new to work with.
  15. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I struggle to be myself more around friends and family than I do with people I don't know! I find it much easier to open up to people who don't know me, odd I know but hey, that's just the way I am!

    Pleeease put a leather jacket on her, pleeaseeee!?!?!!

    I love that line. I'm having a tough time with my gold ram and my heart is saying I should let her go to the ocean in the sky with the angel fish. It sounds so peaceful and comfortable!

    I think for some people it is a hobby,, they are part of the furniture but to me they are part of my family and that means they will be loved and cared for the way I love and care for my family.

    Don't ever forget, but moving on is good. He will always hold a special place in your heart, and every time you see the sky, you'll imagine him having a splash with his new pals :)

    It'll be nice to take your time setting up the new tank, I find it very soothing. You'll be able to do all the things you wish you'd done before, all the little bits you thought "I would have preferred to put that decor there". It'll be nice to set it all up the way you want it ready for a new venture!

    Hope you've had a lovely day and it didn't rain too much for you, we managed to get away with a little shower here in Sheffield. Here's hoping you got the same :D

    Lots of love.xx
  16. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Haha, if I have more then a 20 minutes conversation with someone I start telling them my life story and I think it puts people off.

    Oh god, she would probably kill me. I already have a feeling she hates me, she used to be such a friendly crayfish xD

    His line really take some of the grief away doesn't it ^-^ I think I'm over Reuben now, looking forward to rescaping his tank and making it into a crib for another betta. I'm glad I had fishlore and my little brother to help me get over it. I was depressed for days when I got rid of my zebra danios.... My tank looked so bare and boring after. Still is to be honest.

    I've had many conversations with people about things like this, any pet, whether it is a fish or a hamster or a dog, shouldn't be discarded just becuase it can't speak for it's self. If I wanted to move and a landlord said "no pets" then I wouldn't be living there.

    Yep, I will never forget him, he was my first ever betta, I didn't even know about these fish till I came here. i_am_a_sexy_fish__by_sayba-d7mxf5h.jpg My little fish man <3

    YES! I have two weeks of waiting while that filter seeds so I have time to look at other peoples tanks and rip them off, I mean "get inspired" haha. I want it more natural looking, more green, more plants. I need to buy a better light though, all my plants die in that death tank.

    Well I was at work today, first day back after 12 days, as soon as I get in "do this please and then do that! You've had time off you can do it!" thanks for the warm welcome "colleagues". Nice catching up on the gossip though.

  17. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    I do that too! Just ramble on!

    Helena knows you're comparing her to Shirley and not someone like Kate Middleton, she's so bot impressed ;)

    Its a beautiful line, one I will always remember. Fishlore is so good for support! People used to laugh at me when my fish died. I remember one I lost a Black Moor whilst my boyfriends parents were here and they all giggled whilst I removed his body whilst sobbing. You don't get that here, people understand that a fish's life is as valuable as all other life, precious.

    Have fun scaping that tank. I love poaching ideas off people! I mean inspiration!

    He sure was a beautiful boy. Now there's another boy waiting out there for you to bring him home, dreaming of his lovely scaped tank in Brum :) I think we need super good lights up north (I'm classing you as a northener too here, just out of interest what do you consider brunmies?) especially now the weathers changed. That was a nice week long summer!

    Work. Pffft. I feel you. I work at Sainos, I'm a checkout team leader. We never get time to adjust back in either. A life in retail hey! Pretty rubbish. I hate having time off because going back is so awful, stuff thrown at you whilst others put their feet up because you had a break..!

    Supermarket Goss is the actual best gossip though...!xxx
  18. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Maybe if she acted more lady like and less like a commoner haha!

    I would have thrown them out and asked them to come back when they find their hearts and manners... My mum doesn't approve of my new found love for aquatic critters, but even she (who scowled at me for days after fitting her living room with my 2 and a half foot tank) asked me if I was ok when I buried Reuben. She is my mum though, but while he was sick she kept telling me "Don't buy any more fish! They just suffer and die!".

    I've seen a sure I want to be inspired by.... I cannot wait to get started.

    Yay! I cannot wait to see what i'll end up with! (Brummies~ I'm a brummie, from birmingham with the voice of that old "who gives you extra" advert lol). Deffinitely gotta get me a new light, even my anacharis died in Reuben's tank. I might end up needing a new lid too since the only light I managed to get was one with 3 small bulbs that only light up the back.

    Hahaha I feel you too! Asda bakery, packer. Been a year working there now, understaffed to the max. No leader here yet, no one wants to do it. It's a rip off, less hours and less money.
    Sometimes we don't have time for a break, 5 hours is my shortest day and if I go on my 20 minute break I'm allowed during that shift my colleagues expect me back on the dot. I'm literally on the breadline.

    That's true, I've been told two juicy stories and I've been back a day haha. Loving it.
  19. hollie1505Well Known MemberMember

    With a name like Helena Bonham Carter she should be much more sophisticated than Shirley ;)

    I think mums struggle to see us suffer when the fish are suffering. They may not see what we do in the fish but they see it in us when our babies are suffering and it can't be nice for them. I'm a mum so I kind of get the "please don't get any more" side of things but at the same time they're also the things that bring us joy, happiness and a moment of tranquility (occasionally, when things are going right!)

    I can't wait to see what you do with the tank. It's all very exciting! I start off wanting to do the fancy aquascape that looks like mountains, streams and waterfalls then realise that I don't have the patience or finesse for that and end up with a bit of a plain planted tank, although I'm finding more colourful plants nowadays which helps.

    I bought this light off ebay for one of my little tanks.

    I know they're really cheap so I thought I'd give them a whirl and see how they get on, for £5 I'm not expecting much but you never know! I'll let you know if they're any good if you like :) They should be here soon (I ordered two for my light-less tanks).

    I've been at my store for 6 years and it's starting to get better. We've always been understaffed but things are finally looking up. I've been off a lot recently with sickness and maternity but hopefully once I get back in to the swing of things it'll be all fine and dandy! The leader side is hard work, I get about 40p an hour more than those who sit on tills and I'm expected to stay as long as I need to, miss all my breaks and run myself ragged all day (of course there is always the delightful customers who insist on insulting you, always a perk! I'm sure you get them too, nasty pieces of work.), it's just not worth it but I couldn;t sit on tills all day, I'd get far too bored. The bakery though... Don't you just want to eat Pecan and Maple pastries and Doughnuts all day? I'd be so fat if I worked anywhere near the bakery. You'd probably find me in the chiller with a box of cream buns :D nom nom nom!!

    "literally on the breadline" working in the bakery! haha. That made me giggle!

    The worst thing about being off is missing the juicy gossip! My other half used to work in the same store as me and he was once told by someone who didn't know we were together that Hollie on Checkouts was pregnant (years before I actually was), he came running over shouting "why didn't you tell me?!" I couldn't understand what had happened and he couldn't explain because he was so panic stricken! Oh the joys of gossip!.

    At least there is a bright side to being back at work!

    Lots of love.x
  20. SaybaWell Known MemberMember

    Hehehe, if it was up to me her name would have been "Scruffy Betty" or "Smelly Sue" haha, I guess crustaceans aren't as glamorous as fish. She sometimes collects snail poo and puts it in her house, just because she can.

    I never thought of it like that, I guess my mum thinks if I get another I'll only end up being upset again and she doesn't want to see me upset again. She doesn't have any major interests really, I wish she did then I'd have something to compare it with. I can't really say "I love my fish like you love your children" I think she'd laugh at me, since I don't have any kids of my own I can't really say that anyway.

    I'd love to do more then just put a little rock in the corner with a plant next to it but Im too rubbish. I will try with this tank though. Now I have time to plan that is.

    I have one of them cheap plastic lids so I'd have to try and find a clear glass lid for that light. I hate the lids clear seal sell with their small tanks, they mean no HOB filters and no lights. Yeah let me know, gonna be a while before I buy anything for this tank, I'll start splurging on it in two weeks.

    I couldn't work on tills, I used to work on tills at home bargains and they sacked me a month after they employed me. I just couldn't take the customers and the manager gave me. One women had a go at me for being a trainee and not having a sign up so people could avoid me.... I told her where to go and got a warning, since I was in probation they sacked me a little later anyway...
    Asda is fantastic compared to them, but we're still expected to go beyond the call of duty, plus I'm first aid so I get the extra 2p an hour! I don't spend it all at once.
    Ouch, how many hours do you do? I'm on about 26 a week and everyday is a 6am start! It kills me... I have to get up at 4am.

    My collegues are either mean to our team leaders or talk about them nastily, mind you a few of them deserve it but mostly they are under paid and expected to way too much for the little they earn. I feel for you guys! I hope it pays off eventually! I hope it's just asda that treats team leaders like underpaid managers.

    Haha! I don't know if I'd get with someone that worked at the same store as me, I've seen it fall apart and people end up leaving because of it. Our security guard was seeing a girl in personnel and sadly she was the one to leave even though he was the one in the wrong.
    Oh god, I was told about one of our girls having a go at a women who works down at the chiller for borrowing one of our scanny guns and not bringing it back. Apparently she was really threatening to her... Can't wait to see how much this story was twisted.


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