My Poor Betta Question

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Anika, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Anika

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    I went away for college and my brother agreed to take care of my fish while I was gone. Well he didn't. All my fish died except for Alpha, my super delta betta. My poor Alpha looks so awful! I dont have any balanced tanks because everything dief and the ammonia was through the roof! So I put him in an uncycled 5 gallon now with some prime coat and have been observing him over the past few days and he has perked up a lot more now. He is swimming around a lot more and there doesn't seem to be much wrong with him aside from the duller colours and the tail. I can even see some of his tail is looking better than the first day I got back and his stress stripes are gone. His metallic blue colour is a lot more prominant now. I was thinking of adding some betta leaves to the tank. Any tips on how to get this little guy as happy as possible after a few months of neglect? 20190212_095915.jpg20190212_095802.jpg
  2. CaptAnnDuchow

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    The indian almond leaves and lots of fresh water and nutritious diet should perk him right up.
  3. Repolie

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    All you need is clean water to heal up those damaged fins. Indian Almond Leaves have therapeutic and antiseptic purposes which helps promote the healing process.
  4. Bettafishies126

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    You can use some bacterial starter if you’re worried about the tank being uncycled :) that’s what my sister did when she got her Axolotl
  5. OP

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    He looks so much better today! Crazy how his colours came back overnight! Hes much darker now and seems so happy! Glass surfing like usual and even comes to say hi when you look at him. Thanks for the tips guys! Alpha is going to be just fine!