My Poor Betta Isn't Fairing Well! :(

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Lradke, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Lradke

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    My wife bought a betta (Spencer) for our daughter to look at. At the same time she got a betta bowl and some small plants.

    He was really happy at first (I don't know the gender), but he soon just started to stay at the top of his bowl and not move too much. Also he doesn't flair his fins much, he just keeps them tucked in.

    I am not too sure as to the type of betta he is, but I know he isn't happy. I recently bought and established a 29g tank, (guppies and siamese algae eaters) and began to feel bad for Spencer because he was in the bowl. I now realize that he shouldn't be in the bowl and I am freaking out a little.

    Would it be safe to put him in the tank until we can get and set up a smaller one? Any advice would be appreciated! I just want to do what will be best for him. Also any adive on a filter would be greatly appreciated!

    (BTW - I bought some bloodworms yesterday and gave him some...he loved them and they seemed to perk him up a little :) )
  2. STLBluesFan

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    well there is a chance he could do well in the 29 gallon... but also there is a chance that the betta and guppies wont get along at all... the betta might see the guppies and think they are other bettas and attack, but you could always just observe and see if they do ok together, as long as your there to supervise i would advise you put spencer in the tank and see what happens
  3. Salazar

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    you can probably put spencer in the 29g. i have a beta in a 5.5g tank with 3 guppies and he was fine. sometimes i study my beta from far away and he flares his fins, but when he sees me he tucks them in. he will probably be fine with a filter too, though.
  4. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I hope spencer is ok! You can always get a breeders net to hang on the side of the 29g tank. That way you can target feed him until he is better for a few days. Soaking his food in some fresh garlic, will help him feel better also.

    Every betta is different so you wont know if he will mix in, until you try it. I hope he perks up and gets back to his old self :)
  5. OP

    LradkeNew MemberMember

    Thanks! I think I will go with the breeders net in my tank and then release him with the others after a few days.

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  6. psalm18.2

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    Good idea. Do you have photos to help us sex for you?
  7. OP

    LradkeNew MemberMember


    I bought a breeding house and put him in it. He seems to be doing much better and is actually swimming around! :) The guppies are always going up to check him out and he swims down to do the same. As you can see in the photo a group of the wee ones are just leaving.

    This is really the only photo of Spencer I have...but I think he may be a boy

    Question: How often do I feed him? I am going to be giving him bloodworms from now on as he seems to enjoy them much more. I was giving him pellets every other day...but I honestly don't know how much to give him.


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  8. xNick

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    A couple of pellets in the morning then another couple in the arvo will be fine to feed. Avoid feeding bloodworms too much; once a week as a treat is ample.

    And by the looks of your pic he is a boy :)
  9. Donnerjay

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    Nice job on putting him into the 29 gallon. That was good advice to get a breeder's net (gee who suggested that?!)

    He does look like a male, perhaps a veil tail male.

    By the way, what kind of breeder box is that? I'm researching breeding options for some livebearers. thanks!
  10. OP

    LradkeNew MemberMember

    That sounds great! Thanks for the advice! I agree with you on the gender too. I saw the prominent fins on the underside of his belly (I believe that is one way to tell) and he doesn't flair up like I have seen females do in some photos.


    Here is a photo of the box. It was $6 at Big Al's (a local fish store here). I wanted something with a net in case he tried to attack the guppies. That way there would be some absorption instead of hitting a hard wall.

    I am pleased to announce that in the 12 hours of him being moved, he is nothing like his old self. He is swimming around, going to the bottom of the box to check out the guppies as they (constantly) group up to go see him. Today when I get home from work I will be taking him out of the box and let him swim around the tank for a while to see how he gets along with the other fish. I wanted to get him customized to having others in the tankbefore just letting him loose. I think the guppies will like him, they are a bunch of party animals looking for the next silly thing they can do to have a good time, and for them it's the more - the merrier!

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  11. STLBluesFan

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    sounds like he just didnt like his bowl lol
  12. Salazar

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    i give my beta 2-3 pellets in the morning and at night. don't go overboard on the bloodworms. brine shrimp are probably better because i heard that feeding betas bloodworms gives them stomach problems.:;betta2
  13. OP

    LradkeNew MemberMember

    I think I will stick with the once a week treat.

    Well Spencer's temporary home was moved a bit too much and when my site got up this morning it had come unsuctioned. Spencer is doing really well with the fish. He mostly just stays at the top pf the tank and sticks to the shadows. My crazy guppies go up to him and he just looks at them. I think they get bored of him so they swim away.

    Anyway, here is an updated pic of him. Sorry for the bad lighting, there was no way I was going to use a flash.


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  14. Salazar

    SalazarValued MemberMember

    good. betas are not usually aggressive if they have enough space.
  15. STLBluesFan

    STLBluesFanValued MemberMember

    im glad to hear he is doing better and getting along with the guppies
  16. Wendy Lubianetsky

    Wendy LubianetskyWell Known MemberMember

    I am glad to hear your Betta is doing better. I have mine in a tank with sum rasboras and tetras (which is supposed tp be a no no) and they get along fine. Hope you are well.
  17. Donnerjay

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    So glad to hear Spencer is doing much better. :happy0034:

    "Here is a photo of the box. It was $6 at Big Al's (a local fish store here). I wanted something with a net in case he tried to attack the guppies. That way there would be some absorption instead of hitting a hard wall."

    Thank you for the information! Is your Big Al's related to the online Big Al's? I hope to find that one online maybe. I really like it.