My poor beta

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    So after months of being in a bowl I felt sobad I ran out and bought a fish tank (2.5g) for the beta. It's the biggest I could get for he space left in my house. I set up the tank and used theold media from one of my other tanks, etc.

    I placed the betta (Coral) in the tank today.
    She (actually a he apparently but my 8yr old disagrees. LOL) was fine. Then it started to get stuck the the filter so I unplugged it. There is no injuries but I did notice strange marks on his head. Little grey spots.

    I don't know the age of this betta. I've had it for a year already.

    Looks like this photo (this is not my betta) ...

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  2. Wendy Lubianetsky

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    Betta Injury

    :;bettaHandsome little guy. As long as it is not white fungusy spots I would not worry too much. Maybe he banged hip head on some of the decor or the filter? Maybe if you could post a picture close up of the injury. I am sure he will be so much happier with a little more elbow room.:;betta2
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    That one is not mine ...
    Problem is I can't turn the filter on as it gets stuck to it.
    Will try to get a photo of mine
  4. Lucy

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    Do you have an extra filter sponge lying around?
    Aqua Clear sponges work well.
    Cut a slit in it and slip it over the intake like a sleeve.

    You can use clean never seen soap panty hose to cover the intake but I find it gets sucked too tight to the intake and slows the current.

    Could be since he was in such a small place he just needs to build up his muscles a bit.

    Were the gray spots there before he had an argument with the intake?