My Petite Anubias Nana Eaten

  1. Fishacus

    Fishacus New Member Member

    I bought an anubias nana attached to driftwood in Oct 2015 and it's still alive, but something in my tank is eating it. The larger anubias petite is not being eaten. I have 5 large goldfish and I feed them twice a day. I bought nerlite snails to help with the algae, but they've done such a great job I had to buy them algae pellets to supplement their diet as they cleared the whole tank. I am suspecting the snails are eating the plant, but why are they only eating one? It looked healthy so I don't think they are picking on a rotting sick plant. I was thinking of separating the plant in a plastic tank and giving it fertilizer to help it grow enough to be put back into the tank...but I'm not sure how to remedy the problem or if it will continue or how to disuade the fish or snails from eating it again.
  2. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    It's the goldfish. Nerite snails don't eat plants. The only way to really dissuade them is to feed more often, or give them something else to graze on. Consider feeding algae sheets and see if that helps some.
  3. OP

    Fishacus New Member Member

    Thank you! I never see the fish eating the plants durin the day, so I figured it was the snails.