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jules426 said:
I have had my pea puffer for about a week now and he has been very energetic. But now I have noticed he has been hanging around the top of the tank and it looks like he isn't moving or alive which he is. Could he possibly be sick or just resting?
GM, I’ve had GSP’s for years. IMO He is a green spotted puffer. He will get bigger-6 inches. He’s brackish water, so try to get bigger tank, 20 gallon if you can, buy instant ocean salt, hydrometer & gradually add salt to his water. GSP babies are freshwater, then swim to salt water as adults. He will soon no longer be able to breathe in freshwater once he’s adult. Puffers need immaculate warm water conditions, so water change at least 50% once or twice a week, clean out filter floss monthly. Also if he’s belly turns black, he’s sick. He at top because he probably needs air, no salt in the water.

jules426 said:
Thank you all so much for helping me out with this and yes he is eating

He also lives with my betta fish pleco and 3 snails. So would marine salt hurt my betta pleco and snails?
Marine salt will kill your freshwater fish, give him his own tank, you can add mollies, bumblebee gobys, etc.

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