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Hey, I sorta new to all this and I know this will probably sound really stupid but I just wondered what would happen if I fed my Oscars a blend with Whey Protein Isolate (WPI). Being pretty much pure protein should it not be better for them. If I mixed a small amount of WPI with some veg, bloodworm and shrip it shouldn't be too bad should it?

Sorry if it shoulds a bit stupid but if anyone could help that would be great.


Too much of a good thing isn't always that good! But I'm no expert on Oscar diets - perhaps someone else could give some input on what an Oscar is best fed?

I've made foods for my fish in the past, but I've always gone with a balanced diet. It's a somewhat enjoyable experience (if none of the ingredients have a certain pungent odor..) and it's rewarding to see the fish eat your cuisine.

Have you looked at any recipes? There are some good gelatin based blends.


I don't know about O scars, or the WPI, but I have seen recipes for breeding food big hatcheries make out of beef heart etc. I am sure it would be possible to come up with something, problem would be IF they would eat it. Many fish need the 'chase' to stimulate their eating response. Also you might have a problem with more tank pollution with this type of food, especially if the fish don't take it readily. Let us know what happens!

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I'm a butcher,and we have a customer that comes in everyother week to pick up a beef heart for her oscars, she gets it cut up into cubes and freezes it, I would go to your local butcher shop, not a chain store, an they wold probably be more than happy to get you a beef heart, the weigh aporx 3-4lbs, and there is no fat in them either.
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