My Otocinclus Vestiit's Died!

  1. Jess2017 Member Member

    I've had him for 17 days. I cried. Is that stupid? I did a water change with Prime and I don't know what happened. The other fish seem to be happy.
    I almost wish I never bought him. Now I have 1 and he will be lonely without his buddy.

    Then I found this article - Home of the Dwarf Suckermouth Catfishes

    Has anyone or does anyone know about this???
  2. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    Could be a lot reasons. Could have been bullied or it might have been sick. It's an endless question of why it happened.

    Right now all you can do is focus on the rest of the tank.

  3. Jess2017 Member Member

    Did you read that article? What it said is what happened I believe.
  4. Susiefoo Well Known Member Member

    Sorry for your loss :(

    I am/was considering otocinclus and read up a lot on them. The information in the article you linked to is very mainstream and it is generally accepted that otocinclus are particularly vulnerable for the first month in a new aquarium for exactly the reasons mentioned. So I don't think it is anything you did. It sounds like you can do everything right but it is still 50/50 whether or not they survive. I wasn't prepared to take that risk (I hate fish dying) so opted not to get them. On the positive side it is not likely to affect the other tank members e.g. like a parasitic or bacterial infection death would.

  5. Corrie Williamson Member Member

    I found that ottos only do well in really established tanks with lots of algae. They don't do well in New tanks as there isn't enough food for them to survive on. I tried putting 1 in my 10 gallon but it didn't do well so I moved it to my 90 gallon.

    My lfs keeps all of their fish for a minimum of 1 week before selling them so this must decrease the death rate in my tanks. However the lfs doesnt have a high death rate in their tank either so perhaps they are getting their stock from a local breeder.
  6. Dawn Michele Well Known Member Member

    Sorry for your loss.
  7. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Most oto's are wild caught and arrive underfed / malnourished in our tanks. This is cause if their diet and not having the time to make them adapt to "our" food they are seldom fed after catching, during transport, at the wholeseller and in the LFS.

    So a lot arrive or just in time in an established tank providing their natural food (and give time to adapt) or just too late (intestial fauna / bacteria in their intestials died of) and then the fish will die some days after arriving. Besided this they are weak and vunerable for all kinds of infections in that case..

    Wonderful fishies they are ! 2e7b5f42f27e1ddf50d91a0d391e28ad.jpg

  8. Jess2017 Member Member

    Thanks for all your good thoughts and input. I now have one left and he is looking for his buddy. I was thinking I should get another coz they don't like to be alone but....I can't stand the thought of waiting for a month wondering if he's gonna die. I know I did nothing to make this happen or the otter fish would be sick. The other Otocinclus might not make it as far as I know. I'd only had them 18 days but my Betta is acting especially happy as he loves it when I change the water. And I absolutely was very careful. My betta has grown in just the small amount of time I got him and his color has deepened.
    What should I do guys? (Girls too. I'm from the north and I call everybody guys) I'm thinking I should wait for the month to pass to see if my other Otocinclus makes it.
  9. mbkemp Member Member

    I would get several. Some won’t make it. Or, take a look at aquatic arts. I think the Otto’s they sell are tank raised.
  10. Jess2017 Member Member

    So then the shipping wouldn't be as stressful AND they wont be wild caught, right?

  11. mbkemp Member Member

    There is always some stress in shipping. Much less for ottos this way compared to wild
  12. Jess2017 Member Member

    @mbkemp Yes! Aquatic Arts sells them 3 for 13.95!
  13. fot80 Member Member

    They are a very sensitive fish.
  14. Jess2017 Member Member

    Have you ever owned any? I wish I had known all this beforehand. I got them because they are small and I have a Fluval 9 gallon. Do you recommend any other cats that are small or maybe I don't need any cats since I have 3 nerite snails.
  15. Racing1113 Well Known Member Member

    I would suggest going with only the snails. I've probably said this already but oto's really shouldn't be added to tanks that haven't been up and running for at least 6 months. The nerites are all over while the oto's tend to stay in one spot for extended lengths of time, so the snails will pretty much always outcompete the oto's for the algae. In a 29 gal, I couldn't keep enough algae for 2 snails and 3 oto's, so I can only imagine how hard it would be to have sufficient algae in a smaller tank with more snails.
  16. Jess2017 Member Member

    @Racing1113 I think your right. Yes I remember you talking about Otocinclus answer established tanks. What would you do with just one Otocinclus?