my oscar has a hole in his gill!!!!


this hole in my oscars gill is growing. It is a peanut shape now but started as two separate holes. We take good care of the tank and filter system. Any ideas on this are welcome we can't find anything like it online. Please help!!!


Looks very much like he is developing (hole in the head disease) BUT I'm not 100% sure as I don't keep oscars, the reason I think this ,is because a friend has oscars and holes started to appear just like this, apparently it is very common in these fish, Again I would emphasize I don't keep these, so recommend someone who does to clarify or correct me on this , before you make a decision on what it is,,
good luck


It does indeed look like hole in the head disease aka hexamita... what are the nitrate levels in the tank? High nitrates are the most common cause. I would advise checking water quality, including ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH. There are a number of medications to treat this, buy not all fish species can handle the different kinds... are there other fish in the tank? If so, what kind(s) and how big of a tank is this?


Oscars are prone to HITH disease. I too an having problems with one of mine. You might want to try making your own recipe of fish food and adding vitamins to the recipe. Sometimes the extra nutrition helps him heal. Make sure you have some veggies in the recipe.

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