My next step?

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    smurfgun Valued Member Member

    Hi all,

    I just got a couple of platies and red swordtails into a new tank. 2 are doing well but 1 platy and 1 red sword tail is not. The platy had a tough time during transport from LFS - being injured by the red swordtail in the same bag.

    I see some fin rot now and some bacteria on the tail fins. I have some methalyne blue that I am looking to treat. Unfortunately, I don't have my 10 gallon tank ready to be a quarantine tank to treat them. I am wondering if it may be best to simply move them into a bucket for now... Then I can treat them with methalyne blue right away.

    My tank is a 40 gallon tank btw. I currently have the 2 sick fish in a square net box in the same tank.

    Your advice for my next move is greatly appreciated.

  2. AnonymousCatfish

    AnonymousCatfish Valued Member Member

    Hello! Recently I have experienced a serious ICH problem and to treat it I had to remove any invertebrates, which I had in my tank. After that I wanted to re-do my tank in an effort to improve the life of my fish. My LFS has told me that temporarily placing fish in the bucket is okay, and I am doing it now.

    You have to place a filter and a heater though in the bucket if you are planning to put them in there for long.

    Hope this helps!
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    smurfgun Valued Member Member

    Is treating with Methalyne blue the solution? Will they recover under segregation in the same thank?