My newbies

  1. DebsR Member Member

    Just thought I would introduce my new pair Chief and Cortana :) they are so amazing. I was sure they would be shy but they are swimming about all over. These are the first gourami ive kept, does anyone have any tips for keeping them happy and healthy. Any treats the partucularly enjoy?


  2. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Is one a male and the other a female gourami, or are they both males?
    What size tank are they in?
    I find that they like bloodworms, and other proteins like that :)
  3. DebsR Member Member

    They are male amd female the tank is 20g long. (Uk gallons so i think its about 24g in us gallons) Sounds good i will get some blood worms in, they are on flakes at the moment and they seem to enjoy them but i think some good protein based food would make a nice treat.
  4. FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Ok, sounds like a nice setup for them. I would continue with the flakes and give them the bloodworms only occasionally, or mix them together and feed both at once. ;)
    I find that my male DG enjoys the frogbit I have in my 29g tank, so maybe get some floating plants?
    Also, what other fish do you have in the tank with them.. Or are they the only fish?

    Also, I forgot to mention, mine also seems prefer betta pellets. (As a treat)
  5. DebsR Member Member

    They are in with 6 zebra danios and 10 neon tetras. I waa a bit worried the danios would bother them but the DGs seem pretty brave so all is good so far :) floating plants are next on my shopping list, the tank is fairly heavily planted but nothing floating. I am pretty sure my lfs has betta pellets so will get some of those too.