My new White Clouds!


I can't believe I got them all in one pic! IMG_1092.jpg

Labaron, my Zebra Danio appears to have come out of hiding and likes his new friends...IMG_1093.jpg


Awesome pictures.. and thank you for sharing!!! Danios are very pretty fish. I hope to be getting some soon.


I got a school of 7 white couds I love watching them jet around my 40 gallon always active and all over the place


I had white clouds many years ago. Those are looking good.


Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to getting my 10 gallon set up...I know they will be much happier and way more active! Another week and I should be able to get everything ordered.


White clouds are some of my favorite fish. They are a lot of fun to watch.


Nice WCMMs! I miss the activity they bring to a tank. I have an empty 10g....shrimp, or WCMM? Decisions, decisions...

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