My new tank and fish!!!

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HI all, I am new to the forum!

For my birthday my mum and dad bought me a tropical fish tank. It has been set up for just over a week. Today, I went to my local fish centre, I got the water tested and it was fine to keep fish in !!!

I looked around at the fish and decided that I would go for the easier type of fish (because there is a bigger variaty). I bought 2 glass cat fish to start of with. I put them in the tank (after balancing them on top, then adding water etc). They have been in for and hour now and don't seem to be doing anything They are sitting behind the biggest ornamant and there back tails are moving like mad. The temperature is 26 so far ... what's wrong with them ???
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HI Luke, welcome to the forum.

I haven't kept glass catfish before - so I could only suggest that perhaps they are adapting to their new surroundings.

For more technical help from peeps, it would help to have your water readings, tank size etc, and did you cycle the tank first? Or just leave it stand a week?
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Yes we need to know the size of your tank, if there are any more tank mates, filter and the such to help properly. As for the temperature they are good and should have a ravenous appetite after awhile. Can you specify what type of glass fish they are, are they the catfish, fish, the dyed type, maybe go to google and get a picture for us that will help. Also turn your lights off that should help, they are adapting to there new home it will take them some time to feel comfortable and depending on the type of glass fish they may just be afraid. And don't feed them today as they don't need to eat the first day because they are just adapting to there new surrondings, they should be ok in a few days, don't be scared.

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Ok then ....

Well the tank is a 40Litre. These are the first 2 fish in the tank. I was told by the centre to leave the tank with the heater and filter on for a week. They told me the water ph and nitrate level was fine. The lights are turned off. They are now and then moving a cm or 2 but they are just sitting at the bottom of the tank ... her is a picture from google of what they both look like ...

Many thanks
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If that's your fish I think you are going to have to get rid of it and get some other fish.

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So they arnt like that because they are getting used to the tank?

What do I do ?? > >
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They probably are but they are also probably really scared, wait for help from gunnie or Butterfly.
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HI Luke- Just curious as to whether or not the fish store tested for ammonia and nitrites? If your tank has been set up for just over a week, my first guess would be that the tank hasn't cycled yet and the water parameters are not set yet causing stress for the fish....

Did you cycle your tank?

You might want to check out the articles in the beginners section of the forum. They are very informative and quite useful.

Welcome to Fishlore and good luck!
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Glass catfish are very sensitive, and the ammonia spike caused by adding them is stressing them and making them inactive. Also, they are shoaling fish and don't feel secure unless in a group of 6 or more. But don't get any more fish until your tank is cycled. What are your ammonia and nitrite readings? Anyone know the size and temp of the tank in US gallons and degrees F?
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Here is a good place to start with your tank.
Your tank calculates to a little over 10G and the temp is 79F.
Glass catfish need to be kept in a group with shady places to hang out. They will stay in a group and just do what yours are doing. They appreciate shade and running water. They get about 3-4 inches. I'm not sure your tank is big enough for a group of these sensitive fish, especially since it's not cycled.
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HI all

Well, they are kept as a pair. The centre told me that they will help mature the water for about a week and then you can add more fish. One of them seems to be more active the other has a little swim around now and then. They only seem to be swimiing round with the light off.

I will phone up the centre and seek advice!

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HI all,

Well I just phoned up the store ....

They said that glass catfish are very comon to be more active in the dark. I experimented and found is this is true. I kept the light of and both of them swiming around, the light came back on and they both huddled together!!!

At least I know they are safe and will be buying another 2 glass catfish tomorow as I have learnt they should be kept in groups!!!

Many thanks to all, Luke
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I would not recommend buying any more fish until your tank has finished cycling. Unless you are cycling your tank with Bio-Spyra, it would not be safe to add any more fish without causing them undue stress and the strong possibility of them dying.

Also, as Butterfly had mentioned, these fish are very sensitive and your tank is probably not large enough for you to stock it with more of these fish as they will outgrow it.

Please do not think we are lecturing, but rather trying to guide you in the right direction.


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Can I cycle with Bio-Spyra as well as having the 2 glass cats in as well?

What test kit do you recomend? (include a link please)
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Welcome to fishlore Luke.

This is a really awesome place to get help with your fish. Everyone on here has really good advice.

Test kits that they suggest are the ones with drops. Not the dip stick ones.

You can use the " Freshwater Master Test Kit" it is from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.

Just make sure what ever kit u get that it includes tests for Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, pH, and general hardness.

I happen to find one at the lfs and was way over charged for it and it didn't include nitrate tests.

Go to the web site they have the kits you need. Also you can find them on E-bay for much cheaper then some stores.

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