My new Rams spawning

Hi! Here I present the first spawning of the RamirezI generation born in one of my tanks. This aquarium is too much difficult to the fry survive if they hatch but I will entertain a lot watching my Rams defend their spawning as if they were in their natural habitat. I put this couple in this aquarium because I have two other couples in the other aquariums that I have, one of this couple are alone in one of the aquariums. I hope you like the video. Greetings!

Rams spawning is really cool. They are such tiny fish to have such a protective attitude.

Good luck.


Thanks Carol
Here an update... The first spawning was failed but when they have other I hope they can defend it much better. Here a video for show you when the male ate one of his final three fry almost ready to hatched
Yeah until they kind of get the idea they tend to eat the eggs or fry. You may have to move the fry to a tank alone.

Fantastic! I've only just now noticed my Rams (Bolivian) have spawned, came on here looking for care tips!

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