My new Quaker Parrot!

Discussion in 'Birds' started by stargazerwolf, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. stargazerwolf

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    I adopted a Quaker parrot on Thursday. Someone got her from a bad home and worked with her some, got her on a better diet and wanted a new home for her (they already had 4 other birds, 3 of them large). She is a sweet little one (guessing at her being a girl, hasn't been DNA sexed). She cuddles, talks some, does cute things and her only down fall is a bit of cage aggression, which really isn't too bad and I'm working with her on. She is estimated to be about 2 years old, so I still have a good 20-30 years with her! :)

    One of the cutest things I've discovered is that if I knock on the wall next to her cage she will knock on her perch with her beak in the same way I knock! When I put her in my car in the cage when I got her and shut he car door, the previous owner knocked on the window and she said "come in" lol. She also has a funny quirk of liking to dip her food pieces in her water, literally grabs a piece of food, climbs over to the water dish, dips and enjoys. Here's a couple pics of her :D I'm cropped out ;)
  2. Castiel*

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    That is awesome, hope he/she is an amazing bird and gets better for you!
    Congrats on the new bird!
  3. jetajockey

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    Awesome, I just got mine last Tuesday!
  4. Kindafishy

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    I have always loved Quaker parrots. They have a face like a child whose cheeks you want to pinch.
  5. OP

    stargazerwolfValued MemberMember

    Thanks guys! Yes they have the cutest faces! Jetajockey, yours are adorable! I think the blue ones are very pretty too, someday I might get another, we shall see ;) I can't wait to teach her more words and maybe some tricks :D
  6. jetajockey

    jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    I only have the one on the left in this photo, my wife took that pic at the bird store. She works there so she was hand feeding him(her? not DNAed) and 3 other siblings.
  7. Jancy

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    I found a quaker (monk parakeet) about 19 years ago. (his bracelet has his birthdate on it) He just turned 23 on July 3rd! He talks unbelievable and has a large vocabulary. He also has a very spooky kind of laugh! It is so strange and funny hearing him talk - he sounds very human. He also still says things that he knew prior to me finding him, so watch out what you teach him to say because he/she may never forget! Enjoy your knew Quaker
  8. OP

    stargazerwolfValued MemberMember

    Aw, jetajockey, I bet being handfed she's even sweeter. I think mine must have been when she was a baby, but then was neglected, but luckily has maintained her sweetness. Jancy, that is so great! I wish I knew exactly how old mine was, but I'm going to guess they are likely right on being about 2 years. I can't wait to see what she picks up the longer I have her. You must be taking great care of yours, I love that they have long lifespans. I've seen some video of other quakers talking, I know they can speak pretty well if taught and that is part of why I wanted her instead of a green cheek conure I also saw. If you can, could you upload a video of him talking? I kind of browse youtube a bit to find some but half of them the birds don't talk that well.
  9. jetajockey

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    I posted a video in this same section, you should be able to find it pretty easily. He only shakes his head right now and kinda mumbles but it's really cute. He's still really young though so he probably won't be doing any real talking for a while. The promising thing is that he responds vocally when spoken to, so I think he'll be a great talker.

    I think you made a good decision to get the quaker over the green cheek. Green cheeks are great (one of my favorite conure species), but they are a little too quiet for me. Conversely, most of the other conures are way too loud.

    Regarding rescue birds- We have a senegal parrot, he's about the same size as a quaker. He's 8 or 9 I think (could be wrong), and was a breeder bird. He got some of his toes bitten off by his mate one day and they worried he would die from the blood loss but he recovered, and then a few months later we decided to get him. He's definitely got his boundaries but he's been great, very friendly, but overall a great addition to our family. A huge surprise to me considering he was bonded to another bird for so long. So I strongly believe that rescues/rehomes can work out for the best if you put the time into them.