My new pond project pictures


So me and the Mrs decided to do a pond this year. Didn't want anything too big or expensive and when we found a 2nd hand pre made liner for peanuts the project went ahead!

So this is only a small pond. 6ft x 3ft x 2ft. Digging the hole however was a full day's job! All the stones around the edge were in the hole haha so it was more like a stone mine.

Next we picked up an all in one filter 2nd hand too. Blagdon 1400 model I think with not great flow rating but seems to chuck out a fair bit and oxygenate well. I removed the fountain for now as it tended to get blown around too much. Filter has really big media area with ceramic and sponges.

Cycled instantly as I told person I got it from to just take it out his pond and I'd pick it up :) got some sarassa and shubunkin from work and added border plants. 3 x rush, hemp agrimony and a marsh marigold. Tested waters first few weeks and its good. Very lucky there as I wouldn't want to be doing daily w/c. Done a few 25% weekly anyway after adding fish as I felt I should.

Sat after a day's work by the pond is very nice. Hope to add more plants over summer and see how I get on with algae. So far there's blanket weed starting but nothing major. Some pics, bit of a works in progress still with garden and pond area.


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It’s beautiful. Well done !

that’s a lot of stone though hah !


It’s beautiful. Well done !

that’s a lot of stone though hah !
Ahw thanks. Yes it appears my garden is like 50% soil/stone under the surface.

Worth it though. Haven't had goldfish for many years. So different to the tropicals.


If you have the time or the inclination, would you consider updating the thread as you go ? I’ve been itching to get a pond on the go for years now. It would be nice to watch yours as it matures and grows in more :)


If you have the time or the inclination, would you consider updating the thread as you go ? I’ve been itching to get a pond on the go for years now. It would be nice to watch yours as it matures and grows in more :)
Yeah, I will try to update the thread at least monthly or when adding new things.

Waterlily would be nice and would like to sort the fountain or do a waterfall. I have plans for lots of plants and shrubs around the pond too.


Quick update:

Lots of excess salvinia from my tank so trying it in the pond over summer. Started adding some shrubs around the edge too.

Been a bit of battling with algae and leaves/blossoms all over the surface. So far still staying mostly clean and clear.

Fish are happy and doing lots of chasing spawning kinda behaviour.


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That’s looking good WRwAquarium . Especially for less than one month old.
I can’t say what will do well in your climate in winter but can suggest you look at your local waterways for plants that stay green in winter. Shops in my town have a large selection.

I have been assembling a random collection of native Australian plants with the intention of deciding what gives me pleasure after 12 months and getting more of that one and eliminating others.

You are going for a very natural look ( I think) ?
Quite different to my setup. However I face the blossom issues etc just like you.
Thanks for the update .

This is an old picture taken in my first month.
Blacksheep1 Don’t hesitate any longer if you have access to any outdoor space start your journey into outdoor fish keeping with tubs,before it’s to late.

A link to today’s video from someone I subscribe to.
Not the best video but you could check out his channel for other videos on these tiny tub species. ( rice fish)


Thanks flyfisha.

I do like the natural look, I guess that's what I'm going for yeah. Winters in England can be pretty bleak... I don't know if any of my plants will grow through it. There is a plant I pass on my way to work in a stream that looks like a type of celery? I think that is there year round. There's a local pond in a park that looks to have hornwort or similar that is kind of green in winter.

Your pond looks amazing mate, a really nice feature! Does it have fish too?


I love your pond. It looks really good. You and your wife did a great job!


Thanks for the video Flyfisha , I didn’t know you could use such small tubs !! I might just start small and see how I go this year. Just like WRWAquariums, I’m in the U.K. weather too so I’m wondering what’s the best fish to start with .


My climate is very hot in summer for a couple of months but where I live gets what passes for cold. We get minus 8 degrees centigrade nights in winter with days sometimes that stay single figures centigrade. No snow on the ground but a little in the air.
Only yesterday I listened to a presentation on tub fish from I guy in my local club that breeds rainbow fish outdoors each summer. 22 gallons was his recommendation for a minimum container.
When speaking of species that reliably survive year after year in our climate only three fish are on the list ( so far ) plus cherry shrimp.
Surviving under ice we have rice fish, White Cloud Mountain minnows, and a native Gudgeon ( Mogumda adspersa )

WRWAquarium the Brazilian penny wort in this video is a plant I know you have in the UK as a pest plant. You should be able to get this one for free.

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