my new oscar/cichlid tank


Hello all,
I am just getting back into the home fish tank hobby. I have a 29 gallon tank. I know that you will tell me it is over stocked but I am planning on getting a bigger tank within the next 3 months.

The tank consist of:
2 - Tiger Oscars
2 - Albino Tiger Oscars
2 - Baby Yellow Labs
1 - Electric Blue Cichlid
1 - Bullhead Catfish
2 Dozen - feeder guppies

I am feeding the bullhead catfish and the 4 tiger oscars live food. I bought some pellets for the 3 smaller cichlids until they can also eat live food.

What would you suggest for tank decorations. I was thinking of going with a medium sized piece of drift wood and a stone steping stone sculpture with numerous levels both on diffrent sides of the tank of course.

I am new to the cichlids so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

Also I understand that at adult length that these fish will be overstocking my 29 gallon tank but I am planing on getting a bigger tank again.

Thanks in advance for you help and suggestions.


You would need to get a huge tank. I'm talking about a couple hundred gallons just for the tank to be fine. As for the decorations, I don't really know what you could put in there since the oscars will move it to their liking and not yours.


Your decorations sound fine. I would reconsider switching out the fish you have in the tank though. Electric blues and yellow labs are african cichlids, and the oscars are South American cichlids. Cichlids from different sides of the world generally don't mix very well. The africans are usually much more aggressive. They're basic needs are also quite different. Oscars are basically carnivores, and a lot of the africans are mainly veggie eaters. Although most fish will acclimate to your water, the africans prefer a higher ph, and the oscars, a lower one. Would it be possible for you to separate these fish with 2 new tanks? An african community tank would be awesome, and a 200 gallon oscar tank with 4 oscars in it would be stunning! Here's a link to some cookie cutter set ups for cichlids:


I have a few bullheads myself. I was going to add some Oscars or jack demsey to the tank. How do yours get along? No place I can find mentions compatibility of oddball fish for an aquarium, such as bullhead cats. Thanks.

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