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Discussion in 'Horses' started by Fishtail, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. FishtailValued MemberMember

    Okay first things first I will NOT get rid of her! This is a long story but, please read all of this. So our family has recently got a pen and were looking for horses. We came across this ad that said 4 horses for $700. Sounded good to us so we traveled 2 hours to see the horses. Problem is when we got there he didn't even expect we were going to bring a trailer.:eek: Then we went to see the first "horse" a four month old "colt". I forgot to mention our friend has been working as a vet assistant for 2 years. Any we got there and the "colt" was in a dark stall by "his" self, he was terrified and the guy said his mom abandoned him. Well our friend was checking him and said "it's a filly". Then we went to see the other horses, which were on a different property. Well we drove there and we seen a horse that was supposed to be a Morgan (that's we he told my mom) was a pony and he's a stallion. We also seen the mom (My horse) is VERY underweight. Then he said that the "Tennessee Walker' (which is actually a quarter horse) was already sold! He also said a whole bunch of other things and lied a lot I just don't feel like typing it all ;). Any way since the other horse was sold that dropped the cost to $500. Well we got the mom and the stallion then we went to pick up the filly. Well as we were bringing it to the trailer her leg kept locking up, so mom said "I don't want her like that" and since she was going to have to call the vet and we were already paying 100 dollars for the filly, we asked our friend if she was worth it and she said no, so we lowered the price to $50 for the filly and brung them all home. Well after a LONG night they settled in and in the morning me and my older sister went out to see them, they all acted fine and nice. But when we went to change halters all h*ll broke lose! The stallion kicked my brother (he's fine) and when we were trying to get the halter off of mama horse he hated it! So we tied him up and we had to cut the halter off of mama because it was so tight the buckle wouldn't undo. I (now realizing my mistake) thought cutting the noseband off would work to get it off , well it didn't and so we started working on the crownpeice (keep in mind the stallion is going crazy and we have to stop constantly for her to look at her baby) we got to where just another snip and the stallion breaks free and she jerks away to protect her baby (he doesn't hurt her its just a precaution). Well after awhile we got it off of her and now is fine. We are getting a vet to come look at the baby on friday.

    Any way now that you know mama horse's situation her name is Daleen it means mother (at least that's what i seen somewhere) and she is very trusting and sweet but she's protective of her baby. So my question is: is there any way to let me get close to the baby? Is there a good way to make sure the stallion won't come after me? Is there something I should do to help her trust me? What food do you recommend for gaining weight? (We are currently soaking a mix of beet pulp and alalfa, and some sweet mix.
  2. Redshark1Fishlore VIPMember

    Wow and we think we have problems with fish!

    I don't know horses but I'm sure it will be immensely rewarding when you overcome these difficulties.

    I hope somebody can give you some tips.

  3. Shea LonerValued MemberMember

    Go slow on the rich food. They've probably not had anything that good in a while. Ask your vet All the questions you need an answer to. Then double check their answers. If your not planing on breeding again, which I would NOT recomend, get the stallion fixed. He'll calm down and be less agressive.

    In the meanwhile if you have a stall or a place you can tie him out of sight of the others that will help.

  4. FishtailValued MemberMember

    We don't have a stall, we just have a pole barn. Although they came right up to the fence this morning! Daleen was encouraging her baby to come to us!

  5. FishtailValued MemberMember

    We went out with the horses today and got the halter off of the baby. We had to tie mama and daddy up for it and hold the baby so we could. We put the rope close to the ground for the stallion so he could eat and he got the rope caught around his back leg so he started kicking and broke the rope, luckily we were already done and mom and baby were free so he ran to them instead of through us. Won't be putting the rope there again. Afterwards we left them alone for a few hours and went back out. They were just fine we got to pet baby and Daleen was sweet as could be! The stallion just wanted treats and pets. If you guys could give me a link or a list on things horses can and can't eat (fruits and vegetables).

    I guess it's time I tell you baby and stallions name and meaning. Well baby's name is Caiden and it means fighter.

    The stallions name is Emir and it means determined prince.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    P.s. our internet sucks right now so I'll try to get pictures as soon as it picks up.
  6. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    Agreed, get that stallion castrated ASAP but as the mare is probably already pregnant there's no rush. The vet will be able to tell you for sure.

    How old is the foal? Mom probably couldn't stand the previous owner messing with her baby to get a halter on it:(
  7. FishtailValued MemberMember

    We think the foal is about 3-4 months. How do you post pictures? I don't think shes pregnant but maybe.
  8. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

  9. FishtailValued MemberMember

    Sorry internet is to bad maybe tomorrow.
  10. FishtailValued MemberMember

    The vet will be here in a hour. I'll let you know what he says.
  11. FishtailValued MemberMember

    Sorry for the late response I was way busy with chores (which weren't horse related sadly) but anyway the vet stepped out of the truck and said the foal needed more food then he recommended that we get a foal feeder where only the foal can get its mouth in there so the other horses wont take the food. We then tied the Daleen and Emir and while we were tying Daleen they said they were done took there payment and left. By the way the cost was $35 for the drive $25 for the exam and he gave the foal a shot to make her hungry (which she was probably didn't need) was $20. I'm working on resizing my photo so I can upload it, if you can't tell my internet sucks!
  12. FishtailValued MemberMember

    This is Daleen

  13. FishtailValued MemberMember

    It's edited so it looks funny but that's the best I can get
  14. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    OMG she is skinny! That poor girl:( That owner should have been charged with neglect or cruelty or something!
  15. FishtailValued MemberMember

    I know! Right after we got home and they were more settled in we went to Tractor Supply and bought 3 bags of different feed and brushes. I'll try to get a picture but I groomed her mane and on both sides there was a part so matted that we will have to cut it off, and the Emir's tail is one big mat so we will have to cut off all the hair we can and try to find a way to get the mats out of the rest. since he lied so much we were going to leave them but there is no doubt that in no more than a 2 months Daleen and Caiden would be dead. Both there hooves need to be trimmed to.
  16. FishtailValued MemberMember

    Apparently my friend was wrong Caiden is a colt. We learned that today but we were just going off what my friend said but she was wrong.
  17. ajint booValued MemberMember

    I would suggest that you worm all three asap. No sense in giving them good feed if you don't worm them. Then I would get both males castrated. If you don't they will start fighting in a few months when the colt matures. If your horse is pregnant she would not be showing yet even if she was of normal weight. Did the vet check her? In the meantime keep feeding and working with them. Good luck.
  18. FishtailValued MemberMember

    We are trying to get them gelded, but it cost 120 dollars each. The vet came out but didn't even do a thorough exam of the baby and yet it still cost 30 bucks. He didn't say anything about the Daleen or Emir. He was still in his "I don't want to get dressed its Saturday" clothes (even though it was Friday). But on a better note: she lets me pick up her front feet, not quite the back ones though. I put a towel on her back, supposed to be like a saddle pad and she didn't freak. But she was eating.

    We don't have a stall or round pen (we have a run in as shelter) but I was hoping you had an idea on how to train her without her being so worried! She's to worried about her baby and Emir to train.
  19. AquaphobiaFishlore LegendMember

    What do you want to train her to do? She's a mother of a young foal and that's her main focus right now. I think that gaining her trust and being able to lead her, with her foal at her side, should be your main concern. Emir is the only "herd" she's got so naturally she doesn't want to be separated from him. I wonder if you were to contact the SPCA if they have funds available or even vets who can do the procedure for you inexpensively, especially given the circumstances you took them out of!
  20. SecretiveFishWell Known MemberMember

    If you were that unimpressed with the vet, please look for another one. You will need guidelines as to how to put weight SAFELY back on these horses. Putting lots of high starch feeds (grains! or very sugary hay) in front of them can cause laminitis leading to founder. Until you can get another vet, I would only be giving them free choice grass hay.

    Worming before you have a vet check the manure for the parasite load is not a good idea either as a mass die off in heavily infested horses can cause colic.

    Is there a rescue in your area that can give you some information/help with bringing back starved horses? They may know of a low cost castration option... As you get weight on the stallion and spring rolls around, the stallion is bound to get quite 'froggy' protecting his mare and may become hazardous to you. You really want to get him gelded before spring rolls around! The hormones take awhile to get out of his system too so the sooner the better. Getting the stallion gelded is much higher priority than the colt right now.

    If the horses are in that poor of condition, it is also likely that they never had their teeth floated. This is extremely important to get done soon.

    Next year, you are most likely going to need a separate pen (or a friend's place) to wean the colt. Some mare's will never wean their own offspring so the humans have to do it...

    IMO, riding is that last thing to be worrying about right now. As Aquaphobia mentioned, being able to safely lead them is first priority. After you can safely lead, work on safely tying, and then start working on picking up their feet. After this, you can start some basic groundwork.

    Best of luck to you OP!!! You are in for a wild, expensive ride!

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