my new gold seal pleco and a few more pics

  1. phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    hope you like.

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  2. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    You've got beautiful fish! I love the coloring of the pleco! He's a cutie.
  3. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    Gorgeous fish!
  4. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    great job phil! your pleco rocks!!!!!
  5. OP
    phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    thanks just got him today, the shop didnt seem to know much about him but i couldnt leave without him, i cant find anything on the internet about gold seal plecos, so read up on as many different types as i can,
  6. fishingman001

    fishingman001 Well Known Member Member

    nice looking tank phil. i like the sword on the moss.
  7. B

    Borisbbadd Guest

    Very nice pictures, and cool looking fish.

    Beautiful tank also !!!
  8. OP
    phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    my fish are showing off tonight i think, iv never been able to get pics like this lol

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  9. Meenu

    Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    your pictures are beautiful
  10. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    Awesome Pics
  11. G

    GoGreen Well Known Member Member

    Wow, beautiful fish. I like gouramis a lot, what kind of gourami is that orange one and would one of those get along with 2 honey gourami?:;fg
  12. D

    Diggly Well Known Member Member

    Love the tank is that a baby rts? It looks so cute!!
  13. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Great pics. I love your green barbs! Beautiful!
  14. Toddnbecka

    Toddnbecka Valued Member Member

    Try looking under L-182 or L-183 for info on the pleco; looks like one of those, likely L-183 IMO. Starlight pleco is the common name usually encountered, never heard of "gold seal" before. If it's 6cm or larger it's most likely a female. Mature male Ancistrus all have "bristles" on their nose to some degree, females usually don't.
  15. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello Phil. You've done a wonderful job with your tank! :;perfectThe fish are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.
  16. OP
    phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    thanks todnbecka i'll look that up :). hi gogreen the shop had them down as flame gourami but the next time i whent in they had them down as red gourami, they were in the same tank as honey gourami in the shop and my friend has 2 in with his 2 honey gourami and he says they have been fine together. mine have grown a bit faster than the blues (they really like thier food)one of them has even took food out of my hand when i was putting it in the tank. hi diggly yeah thats an RTS he looks alot smaller in the pic but he has still got alot of growing to do.
  17. redlessi

    redlessi Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful pics, I just got a dwarf flame gourami like the one you have. They are really cool fish.
  18. OP
    phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    thanks redlessi, i think they are great they were abit shy at first and i didnt see them out front for a week or so but once they settled in they were fine.
  19. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Common names are so confusing :) Where you bought the Pleco should have an order sheet showing what they received. Now if you can get somebody to look that name up for you. the scientific name would get you a better chance of ID'ing it. I wondered if maybe it was supposed to be "gold seam" instead of gold seal. there are several variations and color intensitys on the gold seam plecos. is an excellent research tool for plecs and other fish of that type.
  20. OP
    phil saint

    phil saint Valued Member Member

    hi butterfly ! your right on the money it is a gold seam, i went into the shop and got them to check, turns out they had got it wrong (surprise surprise lol) thanks for your help.