My new Bristle Nose plecos!

  1. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    These are my first BN plecos and a want to make sure they are happy.Bernie is the grey/brown one and Bailey is the Albino. I have zucchini floating in their tank and drift wood for them to rasp on. They are in a 2.5 gal tank for a few weeks while my 29 is cycling. I have Algae wafers for them also. Is there anything else I need for them?
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  2. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Fresh veggies - zucchini, yellow squash, red bell pepper, shelled peas, etc. They'll also eat leftover food from the other fish. And they should have some wood to graze on - driftwood, cholla, etc. Also hiding places - pleco caves, etc. But if they're both males they're not going to get along, particularly in a 29g. I have 2 in a 45g and they do not like each other! The smaller of mine is going to a new home soon.
  3. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks! They do have driftwood but are too small to sex yet. as soon as I know if they are both boys or not they will/wont be in the same tank There is a small hollow in the driftwood where Bernie likes to hide but they will be getting a cave soon.
  4. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Mine have never actually hurt each other, just a torn fin or so, but... The smaller one, whose name I can't repeat here, has finally learned to avoid big Paz. It's only taken him six weeks to figure that out.
  5. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    At least they haven't hurt each other.
  6. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful Plecos! I love all mine, especially my BN pleco's. They are usually active during the day too so I get to see them quite a bit! You just need lots of caves, driftwood, and fresh veggies a couple times a week. Otherwise sinking algae wafers for normal diet.

    Also try sticking a fork through your zucchini to stick it to the bottom, they have a hard time finding floating food.
  7. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Thanks! I like them too:) I wasn't sure if a fork would be safe because of soap.
  8. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    BN plecos are awesome. Mine is so active and shows himself all during the day, unlike my last pleco. (not a BN)
  9. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

  10. k9z3boys Member Member

    I am so jealous!! yours looks so awesome I wanted a regular bristlenose but they are so hard to find around here... my( well....dh) albino is quite a character-we named him Kubota cause he's a lawnmower...haha.
    I wondered about having 2- with lots of space and 2 driftwoods.
  11. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    Paz is pretty awesome as he gets bigger. His usual color is black; very dramatic! The *other one* tends to be more brown but he's the one that gets chased. They're both great lawnmowers as well :D The 7 babies are too young to sex yet (6 super reds and one brown/white long fin).
  12. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Wow I will definitely look in to that pleco feeder:)
  13. NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    They have 2 different lengths. I have one of each - long one for the 45g and the shorter one for the 10g. It's great, don't have to fish around in the tank to place or retrieve veggies.