my new addition of six line wrasse

  1. slipknotgrrl83 Member Member

    So I bought a six line wrasse about 2 weeks ago, just transferred him into DT from QT and he just hides in the rocks. I acclimated him for 35 min slowly before putting him in. I know hes probably scared but im worried he may not eat. he was eating fine in QT. is this common for them to hide out in rock crevasses like my dottyback does? I am still new and this is my first wrasse.
  2. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I never kept one but seen many at the LFS. They are known to be quite active darting around some though yours is probably doing what most fish new to a DT do - hide. I'm sure he'll be fine just give him some time :).
  3. Slug Well Known Member Member

    Give it time. Wrasse love hanging in and around the rockwork. Once he knows the tank and is settled he will be out hunting pods on the rock.
  4. slipknotgrrl83 Member Member

    yes today he is out and about swimming with my springeri pseudo, they seem like best friends and swim together
  5. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    That's great :)! I really like those fish and you made a good choice.
  6. slipknotgrrl83 Member Member

    now tonight back into his hole in the LR and I have no clue how he gets in there, it is so small LOL. I see you have lionfish, they are beautiful! if I had a big enough tank I would liove to get one. someday maybe.....
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    The great thing about your wrasse is they have crazy behaviors like your seeing tonight. This Is why I like to keep the fish I have 'cause they all have distinct personalities and (for fish) are very smart. They make me laugh all the time :). I'm NOW moving them all into the 125g and replacing my tired old 150g (worried about possible future leaks etc...) with a 180g and whole new filtration system for even bigger loonier characters to come. Guess I'll be eating ramen noodles for a while "cause this is costing a small fortune :(.

    *I highly recommend dwarf lions - really funny little people!
  8. slipknotgrrl83 Member Member

    Yeeah tonight him and the pseudo are nowhere to be found, must have both found good hiding places. my clown sleeps behind my filter intake for some odd reason, he always has lol