My new 2 inch Red Bellies?


I received a shipment today of six RB piranhas from Aqua Scape. One of them was on about his last leg, but bounced right back when I put him in my aquarium. They are all six in my 20 gallon. Here's my question though..........I just got my new 55 gallon tank up & running tonight. I'll be away from home tomorrow though Saturday morning. How long can I safely let them all in that 20 gallon? I'm ordering Bio Spira which should arrive Monday for my new tank. I only plan to keep them until they are about 4 inches, then I'm gonna sell them to the local pet store & put two Dempseys in the 55 gallon. How dangerous of a biting hazard are these fish inso far as biting at one's hand while doing aquarium maintainence. At what size do they really become hazardous? I want to ship them out before then.


20 gallon tank would probably too small for six 4" RB prianhas.

I had 7 in a 45 gallon tank and I was feeling a little lack of space in the tank. the good thing about it is that piranhas don't swimg around that much unless they are feeding.

I always put my hand in the tank while cleaning up and picking up the left over food. they are not as aggressive in the tank as they were in the wild. just make sure they weren't hungry and u don't have any open wound.

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