My Nano Reef

Discussion in 'Saltwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by grantm91, Mar 30, 2017.

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    This is my nano i didnt buy a kit its an aquaone aqua aspire 55, i have 2 clowns and a zoa
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    There ocelaris
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    Nice! Great looking tank.
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    Update: new corals purchased yesterday
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    Update: it was a struggle to find a light small enough but also had what my corals need found 1 in the end its an arcadia and only cost me £35[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]IMG_1657.JPG
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    The view
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    Nice tank! What corals do you have?
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    Mostly zoas and some green star polyps, i got one off my gf sister for my birthday but dont have a clue what it is [​IMG]
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    Very cool and gorgeous tank!
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    [​IMG] mini- re scape today and water change and filter floss swap. Still abit cloudy + new heater on the way yess !! [​IMG]
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    Nice! Do you use Ro/Di water that you make or do you buy it from a LFS?
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    Yeah i buy the R.O for £2 for 25 litre and im currently using red sea coral pro salt to mix it with, i was thinking about getting an R.O unit but happy doing what im doing at the min.
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    Waters cleared now looking fresh gonna throw that shell thing i dont like it but cant be bothered to take the lid off again lol
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    [​IMG] only 3 days under the Arcadia light i bought and they have came out alot more.
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    Zombies and chill for us tonight !
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    So we are playing zombies and my clown in the pic , just took that pic after getting him off the floor flapping around after he got out this tiny hole [​IMG] the one on the right i didnt have the magnet on that side just put it in. But i decided to make some permanent flaps right now because id probably cry if he did it while i was in bed, [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] i made them out of a plastic food container the kind you get from say the Chinese and stuck them to the lid with sealant. I did a water change yesterday and ended up filling it higher than usual so thats how he has managed this tonight i hope people see this and learn, im just glad i was in the room.