My Mystery Snail Is a Paratrooper?!?!

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    :;hi2 hey all!!

    I was hoping i could get a few answers about my mystery snails behavior.

    I'll provide you with the basics;

    Water parameters are 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 0 nitrates with a temp that lingers around 79-82 degrees F

    His tankmates include, 2 Mollies and 5 Glofish.

    I make him earn his keep in the tank. Meaning, i drop in a few pieces of algae wafer in the tank once every few days. He eats the left over fish flakes that my greedy mollies sometimes let by them. And ive seen him eat the Diatoms (brown algae) ive accumulated as the result of a newly established tank.

    I will be trying to supplement calicum in his diet via zucchini and spinach.

    So my questions:

    1. Could my snail have possiby eaten my Ghost Shrimp? I used to have 6. I did a very large water change today, removing all plants and decorations. I didnt see a trace of any of them.
    I noticed their numbers dropping in the last few weeks since ive bought my snail. I saw just one maybe two days ago.
    I know its hard to keep Ghost Shrimp alive due to their use as feeders for larger fish. And they are sensitive to water changes and very vulnerable when they molt.
    So could my snail have eaten them once they died??? Or maybe the other tankmates?

    2. My snail loves to move and groove...all over the place!!! One thing i have noticed that i find strange is that he grooves up the glass and then just lets go. Over and over...Parachuting back to the bottom and grooving away to do it again, all over the tank.
    What is he doing?

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. CichlidSWAGA

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    im not sure why they fall off the glass like that but mine do that. Also i guess they figure its faster to get down that way ha.

    as for the shrimp maybe they just died and the sails or fish ate them after
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    Parasnailing! It's completely normal. And any of your fish or snail could have eaten the shrimp.
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    Good morning,

    Agreed with the above. :) Be sure to keep the pH level 7.0 and above to prevent snail shell erosion.

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    thank you thank you thank you!!