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Beautiful Pictures, Dahly!

The pictures are splendid. I wish my camera did that good a job, you must have a great camera and a lot of talent. The blue-eyed fish is beautiful. What kind is it? (Sorry, don't know them by sight yet) I can imagine from your posts that you are becoming very fond of your Multies. I would love to be on that closed circuit TV station that you talked about. They sound fascinating.

Rose, These are the Neolamprologus multifasciatus or "Multi's" that Butterfly and Gunnie steered me too. Yes, they do have blue eyes too. These are shelldwelling African Rift Lake Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika (sp). I have Malaysian Trumpet snails in there too as a "clean up" crew and to eat algae. You'll notice my fake plant on the left has algae covering one leaf. Well, that is no longer the case, as the snails gobbled it all away. The also keep the rocks clear of algae. I love these fish and their constant activity, digging spitting, building, burying and defending. The sand was flat on the bottom when I set up the tank, just look what they've done. And it changes too as they uncover buried shells, bury others and so on. Glad you like the pic's!
Yes it is an awesome tank!!! You never have to re-aquascape a multI tank, they do it for you and if you do aquascape the tank they will re-do it anyway!! Good job Glenn!


I've had my cichlids for about a week now and they haven't moved the substrate around at all. Anyone know why?


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