My Moss Experiment

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by sassymomma, Apr 11, 2017.

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    So I bought a moss ball awhile back, intending it for the Betta. My son loves it and so does my daughter, who is quite taken with the idea of keeping them as "pets"

    Today I decided to propagate a few

    I have a Betta jar in the window, and I added some rocks for decorations

    A little java moss too, to see if I can grow more of that

    I'm using tank water.....anyone know how often I should swap the water out to keep it healthy? And would it benefit from a drop or two of flourish?[​IMG]
  2. KinsKicks

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    Luckily, there isn't fish toxins to pollute the tank, and you won't have to change the water too can probably get away with a 25-50% per week. However, I would recommend swapping water with dechlorinated tap water, to avoid building toxins without the proper filtration. Be wary, moss balls are notorious for their slow growth anyhow, only 3-5mm a year!

    Hope this was helpful and all the best!
  3. OP

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    Really, that slow? No wonder the one I bought was so expensive's nearly 1 1/2 inches round After I took off bits :)
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    Sorry, are you using java moss or moss balls? I have my java moss growing by the window and it is doing very well. I don't have a set schedule of changing water, but usually just top it off as it evaporates. Sometimes it smells a bit, and that's when I do a water change. Sometimes use tank water and other times, I just use aged dechlorinated water. It collects grime and dirt. I probably add some RCS in there to clean things up. I actually added a single white cloud minnow fry in there as an expirament and it's actually growing noticeable faster than my other fry. It's probably feeding from the microorganisms from the moss, decaying Indian Almond leaf, as well as infurosia.
  5. OP

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    I actually have both. I made 3tiny moss balls and took some java moss from the shrimp box

    I did consider adding a pair of ghost shrimp when I buy a dozen for my son, but that won't be until the shrimp box cycles in a week or two