My Molly is Pregnant, How far along does she look?

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    Hi everyone, long time reader of fishlore, new member here. I have a 10-gallon tank, it has been set up for a few months now and I have one mystery snail, one guppy, and one orange balloon molly, as well as two plants. I just recently discovered that my molly is pregnant(I thought she was just fat or looked like a balloon haha) but i've got her in the breeder's net right now because I want to save as many of the babies as I possibly can. She looks pretty big so I was thinking she could drop any day now. IMG_1097.PNG shes fast so its hard to get a good pic haha. I just wanted to know how far along she looks, if i should keep her in the net until she drops the fry, and how to keep her and the fry healthy after the pregnancy.
    Side note, I am not keep the fry besides one or two, they are going to a much bigger aquarium where they have enough space to live and grow.
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    She looks pretty at along.