My Molly has Fungus! Help!

  1. Cassie1116 Initiate Member

    I have a Black Molly that has what I believe to be fungus. When I put it in my aquarium after purchasing it, I noticed one of its eyes was a little cloudy. That went away shortly after though...then about a month later I noticed a cloudy spot on her side. I purchased some api fungus cure and treated my entire aquarium as directed on the box. The fungus has just gotten worse though. Now it is all over her "face" and more on the side of her body. I just checked my water quality with a test strip and all my levels are great. I'm not sure if it would be beneficial to do another round of the fungus cure I bought. Any thoughts?

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  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    Change 25-30% water regularly. Jungle labs binox crystal can treat fungus problems. Continue the treatment for a week.
  3. Cassie1116 Initiate Member

    I usually do a water change every other weekend. Is that considered "regularly"? Also, I did a 50% water change on 6/5 and added Prime and Aquarium Salt to the tank. Does the Binox Crystal dye the water like the Fungus Cure did? I've not heard of the Binox Crystal product so I want to make sure I'm not buying something that will counteract with anything I just put in the tank.
  4. Cassie1116 Initiate Member

    Okay...I got home today and the fungus that was on the "face" of my fish...appears more like it is what could be "hole in the head". I have put her in a quarantine tank that holds roughly 3/4 of a gallon. Suggestions?
  5. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    You should your fish the best water that you can by performing frequent water changes. Give them vitamin enriched foods to counter their diseases.
  6. Cassie1116 Initiate Member

    Like I said water quality is good and I do 25% - 50% water changes every other week. I check my water quality at least every other day. Their food is omega brand which I am told is a good quality food. Can you answer my previous questions to you?
  7. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Test strips are not accurate, you need a liquid test kit.

    Until then, what are the water parameters according to the strips?

    Mollies need hard alkaline water and low nitrates (and obviously zero ammonia and nitrite) If not they will be prone to diseases and health problems. They also need some veg-based food in the diet.

    Your nitrate level should determine how much water to change. Change enough weekly to keep it below about 20... the lower the better.

    A good general fungus/bacterial treatment should work... but it won't work unless the water is appropriate for mollies, as above. Honestly you've no idea what your water is like by using strip test kits, but the results might give us a clue...

  8. Cassie1116 Initiate Member

    I have a liquid test kit and all the water parameters have been great. I used the test strip the night I posted this because it was quicker at the time I was posting this. I used api fungus cure (per directions on the box) and it seemed to get worse. I moved her to a quarantine tank after completing the treatment and noticing she was worse. Now, tonight, the fungus seems to be gone from her sides but she still has it on the top of her face, but it looks more like her scales are gone on her face rather than what was a cloudy growth.