My lone female guppy behavior?

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by northern_guppy, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    long story put short, i have 2 tanks... one has 2 goldfish and 5 white clouds(10 g) and the other im trying to make my guppy tank(8 g). it now has one fry guppy and one "momma" guppy, also i have a plico in there too. i have one live plant and one plastic, also a pink coral thing. Both my tanks r "heated" but i dont know my water stats cause i dont have tests kits for everything. i have a pH tester...and i use Aqua Plus and Cycle whenever i change large amounts of water. I didnt put any fish in my second tank for well over a month... but the water never changed colours, and i had the gold fish in there for a while till i decided i wanted guppies. so i moved them back to the 10 gallon. ill see if the local pet store will test me water for me as testing kits can be quit expensive up here.

    Anways since i got my guppy home she first swam around all crazy none stop, but now shes still doing her crazy up and down the side and doing figure 8's and stuff but shes very shy.... and its been hard to get a good look at her... she knows when im watching her and doesnt like it and hides... lol go figure. im so excited about her having babies. iv been looking up stuff online and really feeling good about having her in my tank. the thought of it all really "tickles me pink" so to speak. lol:giggle:

    Well i guess my questions start with how came her gravid spot changes colour when i turn the light out? I think i watch her too much cause her belly changes so much i cant tell how far along she is.... and im thinking about starting some brine shrimp? is think i should or just wait a couple months for more babies?
  2. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Hi, welcome to fishlore. Could you please complete filling out your aquarium info? It's helpful for members to be able to see all of the info about your tanks in one place. :)
  3. Tigerfishy

    TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    If she's really pregnant, she will look squared off where the gravid spot is, really look like she has swallowed a cube or something, mine gave birth about 2 days after they got to this stage. Usually each birth takes about a month (give or take), so if after a month there has been nothing, she may not be pregnant any more. They can have (correct me if I'm wrong guys) up to 6 births from each "mating", one a month.
    As for her behaviour and the shrimps, I'm not sure, but you'll get your answer soon.
    Like meenu says, update your info and we can be more help, thanks, and good luck, I look forward to hearing the results!

  4. clickWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to the forums!

    If you're using Cycle I assume your tank doesn't have proper biological bacteria and hence you're kinda stuck with this product every time you do water changes.

    You really need water testers or as an alternative, you can take your tank water to be tested to your local pet store. They should test it for free. The Ph is not as crucial as long as it stays at the same level, the fish will adapt. The ammonia, nitrite and nitrates level are extremly important since they can kill your fish in time.

    Also, water color is not a good assesment of your tank's health. How often do you perform water changes?
  5. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    ill be picking up a testing kit today, and something to lower the pH in the one, the gold fish should be ok with higher pH??? And to be honest i havent done a water change yet, iv been more less just adding water to the tanks as they evaporate ( its really cold winters here, all the humidity is sucked out of the air) so im adding about 2 L every week to each tank. I just tried to fill out my aquarium info the best i can with whati got. ill update it more later when i got better supplies. Ill forget about the brine shrimp for now and focus of setting my water right, and having it proper for my momma gup. Also the live plant has ALOT of roots and its making a mess at the bottom of my tank.... looks like poop but its not, and its all over the tank floor now.... ill try to vaccum the rocks the best i can? any thing else i can do before the testing kit comes home? or anything i should looks for at the LFS while im there?

  6. clickWell Known MemberMember

    If you buy testers I suggest the ones with drops (API manufactures them) they are a bit pricey but give you accurate readings and last for a long time. The test strips can give you false readings and are not recommended.

    If you only added water as it evaporated, then your water must have some levels of toxins up the scale.

    Get the testers asap. Safe water levels are ammonia = 0, nitrite=0 and nitrate <20. Test the water to see where you are with those levels then perform a water change to bring them down. Let us know what the results are.
  7. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Northern guppy,
    I have a few thoughts on your tank, if you don't mind a bit of interference.
    1) Don't buy the pH stuff. There's a link about pH that's helpful. I'll see if I can find it for you.
    2) API liquid master test kit is the one you should look for. The strips aren't reliable.
    3) Nutrafin Cycle does not contain aquatic bacteria. That's why you have to add it weekly - it drowns. Your tank would be much better off in the long run if you stopped using that product. That stuff competes with the natural bacteria in your tank for its food source, ammonia from fish waste, and so the good bacteria never gets a change to form a strong colony.
    3) Your goldfish tank is severly overstocked. I'll try to find the goldfish link for you too, if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  8. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    ya i shoulda figured...:;smack i was being quit selfish and was trying to avoid buying the kit, but wanted my tank to be good anyways:-\ lol but im stopping by the fish store today and will get this fixed ASAP! i feel bad, my fishies diserve more!
  9. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    It saves you money in the long run, even though it is more expensive up front. You can do hundreds of tests with it. Also, in my opinion, you are paying for the peace of mind of knowing for sure that your tank is properly cycled.

    I can't find the pH link. Ken, can you post it please?
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2009
  10. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    also i hear that certain fish foods arent good for the water... what kind of food should i be staying away from... im using TetreMin Tropical flakes for both tanks?? iv got about 30 mins before i jump on the bus and head down for the supplies
  11. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    also what should i be using in my water, if im not to use what i have??
  12. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I have a variety. I use flakes, granules (basically same food as the flakes but they sink to the bottom), shrimp pellets, freeze-dried blood worms that I soak in garlic juice.

    Prime water conditioner by Seachem is awesome. It conditions the water, removes chlorine, etc., but it also detoxifies ammonia and nitrites so they stay in the tank for the cycle but won't harm your fish for 24 hours at a time.
  13. clickWell Known MemberMember

    We all made mistakes with our fishkeeping and we still do sometimes. Is not easy to admit the mistakes we've done and I admire your honesty when you said you only toped off the tanks. By giving accurate info, the members will be able to provide you with relevant advices that will help you improve the living conditions for your fish.

    Meenu gave you some good tips there. If you want to build nitrifying bacteria it will make your life so much easier and your fish will thank you for it. We will be here to guide you through, just pack a load fo patience while cycling and be prompt with water changes. See if you can get some Tetra Safe Start (TSS), helps with the cycling. TSS is the product that will really get you through a natural cycle, don't listen to the store clerks, they just want to seel you other crap that doesn't help in the long run. They tricked me too with Nutrafin Cycle at start :-\
  14. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Me three on the Cycle. Man, the store people love to push that product! Weekly use means a lot of money for them, but I actually think that most don't understand the biological cycle or the product enough to know that it's not helpful to a healthy tank.

    If you see the TSS, you can buy it as long as it isn't expired if you want. I'd go with a separate bottle for each tank, larger than the size recommended for your tank (I used the bottle for 75 gallon tanks in my 30 gallon). don't use it until you come back here and talk to us about proper use. It's really finicky - I wasted 3 bottles because I kept using it wrong. It's expensive, so believe me, you want to get it right the first time.

    So your shopping list should look like this:
    API master test kit
    a couple of different types of food (if you want. You can give them variety by feeding fresh veggies, too)
    TSS (2 bottles made for 30 gallon tanks - NOT 1 bottle for a 75 gallon tank) - if you want to buy it, can find it, and can afford it.

    edit: if you can't find prime, amelquel PLUS does the same thing. I don't recommend it as often because some members have reported that they get false results on the API ammonia test with it, and have had to purchase a powder ammonia test kit from amelquel's amnufacturer, kordon. I've also seen Lucy recommend Ammo Lock quite a bit.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2009
  15. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    will it be hard on the fish if i start doing all these different things to the water? im gunna sign out now so i can get to teh fish store.... bus ride and walking across town with a baby at -20 or colder isnt fun.
  16. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    *hug* good luck, have fun on the shopping trip. We're going to try to advise you every step of the way so that this can be the least stressful for the fish as possible. The Prime detoxifies the harmful stuff, so that will help a lot.

    I edited some of my earlier posts, go back and read if you get a chance.
  17. ShadowbeamValued MemberMember

    Hope everything works out ok here, let us know how you get on. It's great that you want to do whats best for your fish :)
    I too was tricked into buying false bacteria (bacterilife) so most of us have been there. Thanks to these guys my tank has never looked better, and my fish have never looked happier :D
  18. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    so i didnt end up getting anything for the water.... i paid $50 for just the test kit... too close to christmas to be spending more....not to mention they didnt have anything else to condition the water... so im gunna just have to make due till net month when i get more money? do u think my fish will last that long?
  19. Meenu

    MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Hopefully they'll be okay. :)
    Do you have any friends who have a fish tank? Maybe someone will let you borrow a bottle of Prime (or another water conditioner that will detoxify ammonia) until next month?

    Go ahead and test the water with the new kit, and let's see where the water is at. Normally, the advice when there are ammonia or nitrites is to do 50% daily water changes to remove the toxins, and the addition of the conditioners to detoxify the tank and make the water safe for the fish until the next water change. If you don't have anything to detoxify the water, really all you can do that I can think of is either home the fish temporarily with someone whose tank is cycled, return them to the store, or just do your best with the water changes and hope for the best. :;dk
  20. OP

    northern_guppyNew MemberMember

    ill do the tests, and post the results.... i want to do a small water change but i wanna hear back from u guys first on how big a water change?

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