My Loach is Cut

So yesterday I cleaned out my tank and rearranged the decorations. I was able to get all the fish out and put into a bucket before cleaning, except for one of my kuhli loaches. I figured he must have buried himself into the gravel or sand. About 3 hours later, I cleaned out my filter in the sink and the lost Kuhli loach hoped out and went down the drain. Luckily I was able to drain the pipe and get him out before he swam past the trap. Without looking at him, I put him back into my tank. This morning I saw him dancing in the bubbles and noticed he had some scratches on him. Could this be from my filter or is it Ick or something? I have three loaches so I cant confirm that the loach that has scratches is the loach that was in the filter. Also, the only way he could have gotten into the filter is if he jumped up about 3/4 of an inch into the outflow port of the filter.


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It looks like just some superficial wounds from the incident. I would keep an eye on it and keep the water super clean until it heals up. Ick will look like small round white spots on the body.
Aw, little buddy! Looks like he went for quite a ride! Judging by the marks on him, he's the one that went adventuring. I would just monitor him, make sure the water is clean so he doesn't get any fungus or secondary infections.

Quick action saved your buddy!

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