My Little Faker (aka Welcome Artemis)

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    So... I got another betta. I wasn’t planning on it, but I was setting up my 2.5 rack for rescues last night and I got everything set up and running. I went into PetsMart today because I wanted to see if I could spoil my snakes and lizards any more. I looked at the sale plants, and started to head to the checkout. Bad idea. I saw a couple of pretty bettas, but I tend to buy my pet store bettas from Petco, as they are a lot healthier (I don’t have many pet store bettas anymore). I looked at the bettas and there was a lot of movement from one cup. It was a female halfmoon, who seemed to have a swim bladder issue. She couldn’t get herself to the bottom of the cup. I brought the attendent’s attention to it, and she basically said, “Yeah, we’ll put her in the back. It’s too bad. She’s so pretty.” I asked if I could at least have a discount on her, that I knew how to get her past this and I had the accomidations for her. She said she could sell her for the price of shipping ($4 for each fish, they bought about 10 this last time). I agreed to it, and as I was driving home, I noticed that she was getting better and better at diving to the bottom of her cup. I put her in her new tank, and she’s swimming perfectly fine! I think I may have a lying betta on my hands...
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    I love her blue eyes...
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    Nope not lying, just an actor.
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    Ive heard of betta like this, they know how to get attention to our loveing hearts. Lucky fishy! Ive heard "we will put him/her in the back" before. I once saw a lady takeing a fish to the back that hasnt been sold in 2months of being there. I took the fish from her and now hes mine