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    I have had this tank for several years. I have some neons, platys, variartus, 1 jum cory, several guppies, and a bristlenose pleco. I recently decided to go live plants and now have a rather large tuft of java moss perched on a rock (kind of looks like a tree), as well as anubias, and water lily. About a week ago, my very active platys, variartus, and jum cory have taken to laying on top of the java moss and not moving around until feeding time. All other fish are acting normal. All water parameters are normal. Did I just create lazy fish by accident, or is this a common accurance among some species?:;dete
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    Im not saying this is normal. Because my platies are ALWAYS swimming around. They are the most active fish I own. However I do have some male guppies who love sitting on the leaves of my water lilly. They are so cute to watch do this. Especially my lil deformed guy whos spine bends upward making his tail fin stick up. He is just adorable!
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    I may just be over reacting. My fish have always had the fake junk in there, which I can only assume isn't as comfortable as the real thing. Plus, my golden double bar platy is rather old and some how managed to survive a heater malfunction that raised the water temp to 101 and killed all but 3 of my fish (1 platy, 2 young male guppies), so I guess she deserves the R&R. My male HiFin Platy is a real fatty, so I guess the java moss is probably a welcomed sight to rest his fat belly on as opposed to the gravel substrate. My Jum Cory is named Fido because his mannerisms are much the same as a dogs, so it is no wonder he wants to hang out on the furniture. As for my Black Neon HiFin Variatus, well having a name that long would probably wear me out too. I guess I should be glad and rather thankful they enjoy having the live plants in the tank.
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    That description was too funny. Fish love nestling in plants.
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    Since I started growing live plants my Dojo Loach sits in them more than he swims now. And sometimes he will sit against the holes in the in-take tube of the filter so he stays suspened, its like he is floating in mid-water haha. My other fish will also swim against the rubber suction cups on my thermoniter and heater. So in my experience i'd just say fish really enjoy exploring the textures of their environment, though i've never kept Platies or Neons.
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    haha i think it might be normal. Because i have lots of flame moss on my drift wood and my platies love sitting on them o_O...and rubbing and going through the moss. But they dont stay there the whole day though xD
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    My platies don't hang out on the moss as much as my cory. He is there most of the day. I posted a pic of him sleeping on it laying on his back. He is quite the character. Another weird habit he has is "just out of the blue" he will decide to follow one of the other fish around the tank. He is not aggressive about it. He'll just casually swim behind them like he is playing follow the leader. Out of all my fish, he is definitely the most entertaining.