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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by luper, May 8, 2006.

  1. luperNew MemberMember

    Ok i don't know which fishes im going to get yet thogh i have like 20 bookmarked and tomarrow im going to pet store to see what they have..

    I want to have plants and fish in my 20 gal long tank (i want to buy huge tank but don't want to waste the 20gal plus ive only had lizards, not fish so its good start and money can be spent elsewhere lol)

    I'm getting the hood whenever i can and i think i need at least 45-50 watt bulb for the plants
    I'm ordering Rena Cal Excel 100W heater since most fish i did look at need warm water (66-85 degrees ish)
    I'm ordering the Penguin 150B Power Filter for up to 30 gallons which should be more than plenty, though i hope i can turn it down since it may be tooo much
    I'm also gettting the tetra water ocnditioner b/c ill prob bring tap water and we have clorine and stuff in it (charlotte)

    plant wise I ferget the name at the store but i just know i want plants and i think 2 plants maybe 3... the Hygrophila polysperma and Vallisneria spiralis both looked cool and seemed to fal in the 6-8 ph range, 70-85 degree temp range.

    I have no clue about the gravel, ornaments, etc.... but I understand the basics of setting up the tank... first I'll put in plants once the water is ok in its ph and hardness, etc... I think the plant won't do well until I get the whole setup made with fish right? B/c of the whole 'need CO2' thing...

    anyways after a little bit ill add a shoal of small fish maybe guppy or the neon ones.... then add others slowly... and when i add the first of the first ill use the bio spira to help with the whole bacteria action. I got most of the basics but am still looking into the fishes since i love a few but comes close with ph and hardness reguirements of a few others i like.... i got time right now though so its all good... I'm going to definatly ask questions later... AWESOME SIGHT though my eyes are hruting from reading everything :)

  2. mistycheriValued MemberMember

    Welcome to the site Luper. It is an awesome website. Good luck with the new setup. Let us know how it goes. :)

  3. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome! It's great to have you with us! ;)

  4. luperNew MemberMember

  5. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    welcome to FishLore!! Remember to read the great articles on setting up your tank in the beginners forum and do fishless cycle please.
  6. luperNew MemberMember

    lol nah im just gonna put all of em at once with tap water!! muahaha i kid i kid!

    I think ill put in plants first to get the look i want then add some fish.. i REALLY want alot of shrimp and stuff and some orange fish (my room is orange colored lol)
    cool stuff... my jokes are serious b/c my eyes hurt from reading so many fish profiles and so many articles on the same things (ill have pics of before, during, and after...)

    thanks alot for everything and i love the site (surprise?)
  7. luperNew MemberMember

    [this is my personal thread to ask questions as they arise while i prep my tank and get some life in the little glass box]
    ok so I wish i could get angel fish but i prob wont have room and i prob won't have room for most fish i want but its still good to have alternatives just in case..

    I want shoal of white clouds, pair of angels (im not going to get these but all dpeends), 1 blue german ram fish, shoal of dwarf neon rainbow fish, 2-6 black phantom tetra, 1 male dwarf gourami fish, and as many ghost shrimp as i can get..

    I will first though put in the ghost shrimp, white clouds, and black phantom tetra and well as the dwarf neon rainbow ones last then if there seems to be enough room ill add the ram and etc...

    I plan to get some dwarf hairgrass, Green wendtii, and hornwort with possibility of doing a backdrop of java moss (as seen in another post)... anyone have tips on cutting/trimming the plants in the tank? Just regular scissors? I fear that if I put in java moss it will be hard to cut it as i like since it is long back pglass panel i want to cover :)

    anyways thats my choice ... i plan to get most of those fish and all of those plants but of coruse i will slowley put em in the tank to see how it come along and add/take away accordingly..

    I can't wait til my supplies gets here so i can buy the plants (ps anyone wanna gimme some plants for cheap :) i found cool website mentioned in these forums that has about everything i need plant and supply wise for future :))

    PS: Sorry for babbling but im going to plan to keep tank at 77-80 degrees F. ( get as close to 80 as i can), and about 6.7-6.9 PH if i can (im still learning stuff but these seem like best settings for the fish and plants i chose).e..

    any comments are welcomed.. .as always
  8. luperNew MemberMember


    Well i added several plants from the aquairuma
    heres what i got plant wise from them:
    -Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis acicularis) pot
    -Hornwort "Tropical" (Ceratophyllum submersum)
    -Java Fern (Microsorium pteropus)
    -Java Fern, Lace (Microsorium pteropus v. ‘'Windelov')
    -Petite Nana (Anubias Pygmy Nana)
    -Sword, Amazon Sword (Echinodorus bleheri)
    -Wendtii, Green (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
    -Wendtii, Red (Cryptocoryne wendtii)
    i dunno why i got so many.. o yeah b/c shipping was alot so might as well :)...

    i also got one plant from petsmart i forget the name but is siular to the hornwort (a variation of the sumbersion)
    the java fern doesn't look like it does in pictures yet but hopefully will
    I have a 20 gallon tank Long and have only had is for less than week... I got the bio whell filter.. just put in the heater today (i broke one of the attachments and its too long to sit straight so its at angle .. ill check temperature tomarrow to see if its working well where its at)... I have standard light and will order a much brighter one friday (spent too much this week... should have gotten the light first but they should be ok for a few days).... i have eco-complete substrate.. i may buy another bag b/c i wish it was thicker on bottom.. but i prob wont lol)....

    I bought just 5 Ghost shrimp at petsmart today and they look cool, one has eggs on it which is cool and they all seem happy (i hope its same tomarrow)...

    as for cycling.. i dunno if shrimp will survive but they should.... i've used three different products, one is 'Cycle' which has lots of basteria, then another two that do same thing for dechlorinating water (one with yellow bottle i forget the name :( then theo ther is white powder.. waste of money probably but o well)...

    I ordered driftwood online from ebay (gotta clean the out of it :() and will soon be slowsly putting in some ornaments, and eventually small-itty-bitty pots for the shirmp when i introduce some fish (which SHOULDNT bother the shrimp since they are mostly mid and high dwellers)...

    Today i noticed a snail too... all the plants i got i DIDNT clean or anything b/c i thought the water would help with cycling process... whether it truly helps or not is yet to be determined but i was utterly surprised at seeing a snail... small, prob millimeter wide lol..... im happy though b/c i was going to buy some anyways as food source to crush (or just as minute cleaners)... i only saw one and wander how many others there are ... if i see them eating my expensive plants (lol b/c of shipping of course) then ill rid of them (though i don't want to)

    This is just a brief update... i linked a link to a few pictures (its from my Cell phone so sorry :))..

    tell me what ya think or any suggestions... in like 2 weeks or when ammonia and nitrites are at 0 and nitrates are a little above 0 i will begin to introduce fish :)

    (PS: when i first put the plants in there it was a mess with all the dibris)


  9. luperNew MemberMember

    also i wanted to add that the placement of the plants wasn't final... and that i may not keep them all either :)... i wish i bought like 50 ghost shrimp though

    just wanted to add something coo labout the ghost shrimp.. I've noticed they are very active :)... i have (i think if my count is right) ONE pregnant one b/c i see black egg looking things in its belly, AND its larger than the others (im guessing i have two femailes and 3 males since the two are large though this is an assumption).... Most of them just swim around and every once in while stop and do stuf with their legs... I also now see two snails.. one is itty-bitty other is like 3mm wide.

    Aynways, the pregnant shrimp doesn't move much and DARE I SAY also shed part of its exoskeleton (i thought i saw a part of dead shrimp but it lookes like skin of top of shrimp and since the pregnent one is around there i figured its hers)..... she just has moved about 3 inches and slowsly migrates, thats about it... her legs are moving though as if shes eating or cleaning or something.... cool seeing them move like their racing, eyes lok weird and they got a huge "FEELY" hair in front of them... cool stuff... i've GOTTA get to bed now... i think tomarrow ima buy like 15 more lol thats one shrimp per gallon... [ill buy if they seem to be doing good of course... i wander if i will see baby shrimp in a few weeks... doubt it but still cool]
  10. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    It is so nice of you to share your pictures with us. It is a fine looking tank. It looks very natural and I am sure the fish will love it when you are ready for them. Thank you for sharing.

    I do have one little question, are you changing the ph of your tank with a ph buffer? You mentioned that you wanted the ph to be within a certain range, and that made me think that perhaps you were going to try to adjust it with chemicals. If you have been doing this, please stop. It is very difficult to maintain a constant ph when you are adjusting it. Your fish will probably do much better just getting used to the ph of the water just as it is. This way you cannot make a mistake or the chemical cannot build up and cause you to lose all your fish tragically. The fish are much more able to deal with a high ph than a fluctuating ph. I am just attempting to prevent a sad problem from happening. I hope this is helpful.

    It is really good to have you so enthusiastic about your new tank. It helps me to remember what it was like when I got the first one going and all the plans and fun it was. Congratulations. You must keep us updated on what is going on so we can share the experience with you. And you are always welcome to make comments and ask for any help you may need. Enjoy!!

  11. luperNew MemberMember

    thanks.. i haven't used any chemicals in the tank cept the bacteria introducer thing... i was referring to when i first put water in it and the water i put in it changing it out... BTW i should let water sit over night? Just making sure...

    A thing i noticed this morning (had to finish school stuff this morning :() was that the pregnent one was moving more... and last night the water was cool to the touch, this mroning it was warm! I didn't think the heater was all that good.. shows to prove that you should wait 24 hours beforing judging eh :).... i need a thermometer b/c i dont have one b/c im an idiot but ill get one when i pick up more shrimp... (i have the water heater set at 82-3 so ill turn it down a tab to 79-80F... wont this higher heat assit the cycling process though? I hope i got some ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate later today when i check.. hehe at least something of progress)


    ps: thanks alot for the kind comments and encouragement Chickadee, Gunnie, and Cheri Anne
  12. vinWell Known MemberMember

    Luper - Everything sounds really cool! I just hope you're not planning on keeping the snails....The shrimp will l ove snacking on them..... ;)
  13. luperNew MemberMember

    hehe... my hope is thus so... I like them and don't want ALL of them to be eaten but I think its cool to see the shrimp eat them though.. just like i want something to eat the shrimp :)..

    BTW i wander if I will see those eggs hatch in a few weeks or not... i doubt they'd survive b/c i don't have another tank but if i DO see them hatch i will postpone putting fish in the tank and will feed them some brine shrimp to see whether im capable of raising them...

    couldn't i get a little container with holes within the tank? Like hanging.. I may try that if all else fails lol

    one of the snails was stuck in the intake of the filter so I took it out... From pictures, do you think i can do a bubbler ... the oxygen is coming from plants i assum b/c the filter pump doesn't agitate the water's surface much since the water's been filled up more.

    Sorry for posting soo much i just type fast sometime and thus type like i talk :)

    See ya later.
  14. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Luper do you have a water testing kit? If so check your Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates regularly so you know when your cycle is done. (Then you'll know when to add fish).
    The cycle product is reputed to be just so much snake oil and doesn't seem to help cycle the tank faster so keep a watch on your water readings.
    tank looks really cool!!!
  15. luperNew MemberMember

    thanks and I do.. I got it from petssmart for an outrageous $27 :(... masterkit...

    thanks alot...

    When i move out of my mom's house in a few years (After my first two years of college) I may think about getting a larger tank like 100-200 gallons :) that'd be cool cept for the maintaince
  16. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Larger tanks are actually much easier to maintain,they are much more forgiving of our mistakes :)
  17. fish_r_friendWell Known MemberMember

    other than getting too caryed away cleaning the gravle and haveing water go all over the floor
  18. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    LOL fish r friends- Been there done that!!!
  19. luperNew MemberMember

    haha .. i got one of the little suction gravel cleaner things but haven't used it yet... I will when i changed out the water though...

    haha did the bucket over fill? lol, when i was filling the tank with water i could see an apparent water trail on the carpet with my huge Johnny-Appleseed pot lol
  20. luperNew MemberMember

    well one of the shrimp died yesterday... just one i think.. and the food is viusally decomposing (which i think is not good yet it is)... the shirmp i didn't remove b/ci thought it would help the cycling process..

    I also added a NICE piece of driftwood (ill have pics once its waterlogged enough to move it the way i want it)..

    Anyways i have progress b/c the ammonia has started to rise... the color was distinctfully greenish which is about .25 ppm if not more... so thats cool... I'll keep checking daily.. i got a new light too, still 20 watts but WYA WAY like 1800000000 K or something (POWER light i think... made for plants, invertibrates, and etc etc)

    I also got a thermometer which gave me a hypothesis on why the water is colder during the day than night...I have a nice heater and have it set at about 82. During the day the water seemed slightly coolor to the touch (prob phychological ) and the termometer read 80.5 ish... in the monring when i first turn on the light the temperature was steady at 82.something.... i think the light, being kinda close to the top of the heater, tripps the sensor to think the water is hotter than it really is so it rests... and at night that heat isn't there so it consatnly turns on/off to adjust temparetaure..

    I wander how long is took some of yall to get your driftwood to get waterlogged enough to stay put on bottom? I read somewhere else but figured I'd ask here too ... (ps: i boiled it in water (well poured water on it b/c it was too awkward and large too submerse in pot) and the water was like Tea and i was topless (don't get excited girls) and constantly i burnt myself,,, funny sight)..

    Heres another question::: I have 9 plants, for a fiarly average loaded tank of 20G Long, should i get a bubbler to agiatet the water for oxygen and stuff? Or the plants enough;;;; the filter doesn't really agitate the sruface though it does give the tank a little current and circulation..

    Thanks alot and hope ya enjoyed this issue of "Luper's Useless Updates!"


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