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Hello everyone. I am a stay at home mother of 3 sons. I have 2 dog babies, a rabbit baby and I just got fish in my aquarium a couple days ago. I do not really know much about fish, but I am excited and learning so much. I have come across this forum several times in my searches for information and just decided to join.
I look forward to your excellent advice and support.
Thanks you for reading about me.
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Welcome to FishLore!!
I see you don't know about the nitrogen cycle.
Since you have fish and the tank is so new, it's really important for you to understand what's going to be happening.

It would be a good idea to get your self a good liquid test kit that tests for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
A gravel vacuum is also a must to pick up left over food and fish waste.

Here's a basic explanation of the nitrogen cycle:

First your ammonia (from fish waste and left over food) will rise.
In a few weeks bacteria will start to develop and you'll see the nitrite levels rise and the ammonia levels start to drop.
After a few more weeks a different kind of bacteria begins to develop and you'll see the nitrate levels rise and the nitrite levels drop.
Ammonia and nitrites are toxic to your fish.
So until your cycle is complete, you need to keep the levels down with 50% daily water changes.
If your pH differs greatly from tap to tank 2 25% changes a day would be safer.
Using Prime as your water conditioner will detox the ammonia for 24 hrs between water changes.
When you having readings of 0 on both ammonia and nitrites with some nitrates showing, your cycle is done.

Here's a link explaining it further:
Nitrogen Cycle

Sorry for the information over load and long post.
Post some pictures when you get a chance!
Good luck!


Welcome to Fishlore! Lucy's link regarding the nitrogen cycle will definitely put you on the best path to success.
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Thank you so much! I have the gravel vacuum. I will head out this weekend and get the test kit and I have all kinds of cutesy notebooks to use to keep track of the levels.
Change the water out 50% each day? Ok, I can do that.
I do not mind the overload of info. I want to make my fish as happy as possible.
Thank ya'll for the warm welcome!


Welcome to the forum!!!

When you get a chance, poke around in the different sections. You'll even be able to chat with folks about the specific fish you have. Good luck!


Hello and Welcome!


Welcome monixwar!! Yes, cycling with fish mean LOTS of water changes, but stay the worth it!!! Get familiar with it, and ask questions...I am a newbie too but I have learned lots with the help of these awesome people at Fishlore!!
Happy fishkeeping!
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