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    Not to long ago into a house and ever since I've been in a constant state of trying to organize, clean and setup things up how I want. Often changing things as I go or after things are set move it all around again. I always wanted an indoor space that was just for me to relax (outdoor space is for another year). Yes being alone means the whole place is mine as was pointed out by my parents but I still wanted to setup a place that wasn't for entertaining friends etc and just a nice place to sit and relax that was setup purely for me to enjoy and if others happened to enjoy it on occasion fine. So I've ended up with this pet room. Left to right is as follows. A 24x18x24 for a Indonesian vine snake currently on hold and will be named Cri-Kee. Still have to set up the misting system. The plants were just added today. The larger cage is a 48x24x16 holding a ball python named Mushu. Top cage is 24x24x12 awaiting an Mexican Black Kingsnake (unknown date of when it will be occupied as you can tell I'm ready). My cat Nahla hanging out on top of a reclining love seat. She likes sitting on the top when people are on a couch hence the blanket which is easier to keep clean then constantly vacuuming the couch. Obviously her cat tree/scratching post I made and my 10g planted aquarium with a few guppies in it. I'm happy with the way the room has turned out. Be even nicer when the 2 empty cages are occupied.
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    really neat room, you're going and snaky to be real happy relaxing in the there with your cat and snakey little critters I envy you , enjoy and keep us posted with more pictures. Alison
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    Thanks, I feel I'll be able to just sit and enjoy the space and be happy.

    This is Mushu today out exploring. I added a few more pieces of wood that didn't fit in another cage. Seems to have met his approval.

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    Beautiful python! I've always loved those :)

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    Thanks he is a fire morph, about a year old, 3ft and 993g. Very chill and doesn't seem to stress easy. Doesn't follow normal ball python behaviour. A lot more active so I lucked out. Never turned down a meal since I had him.
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    Mushu is very pretty! He looks kind of like my boy, basil (pastel morph) ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1438478825.916407.jpg

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    Cool room!

    And just as important...what kind of beer is that??
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    Nice room!
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    LOL thanks guys, yes can't do housework without a cold one. It is a long weekend after all. Still relaxing in the room. Mushu is back out and chilling on the wood. He likes hanging on it, doesn't often stay in the open on the ground but will sit on the branches. For a ball python he seems to really like climbing. Very rare I see him staying in the open on the ground.
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    Seeing as this is a fish forum I figured I should add some more pics of the tank. A close up and further back, the view I have from the couch. A few male guppies and a couple khuli loaches who are hiding right now.

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    Had to tear the tank apart to add a drainage layer so here is the newly reconstructed vine snake tank. No my glass isn't that clear, the doors are open. It's still empty right now. Can't wait for the plants to grow in and fill the open space a bit. This is my first attempt at a planted terrarium and so far I'm happy with how it's turned out. Tried to make it look as natural looking as possible. Despite some fake vines and one temporary fake plant until the real ones fill in more. I like the way the bamboo branches look. Can't wait to bring the snake home.

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  12. trailblazer295Well Known MemberMember

    Time to update with the new addition.

    There was a delay in adding the snake as I tore it apart to put a drainage layer of hydroballs and replanted it. Snapped a few pics of cage as it sits now and the new addition to the room. Meet CriKee an Indonesian vine snake. Used the shade from my hand in the store for security. Few shots from when he was put into the cage and staring me down while I was sitting on the couch. He ate my first attempt earlier this week which was great. To bad Mushu refused his first meal ever

    I'll update the plant growth as it progresses. He is often hanging out in the upper right side but I catch him moving around elsewhere from time to time. I think the quieter environment of my house is already doing wonders for him. Lady at the store who fed him said he was shy, have to leave his food in a bowl hidden and then leave him alone to eat. He would eat that way though. But here he was striking at his food within seconds of me putting in it the cage and closing the door. I was still standing there and he couldn't care less he just had his eyes on the prize. A room in a house with 1 person is big difference then center of a retail store. Nice to see is calmer.

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