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Discussion in 'Horses' started by TXMatt, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. TXMattNew MemberMember

    So I am writing this post at 1:30 am because my neighbor is out baling hay right now, and lucky me just got a sweet deal on a round bale. Only paid 40 bucks for a 5x5.

    Anyhow, I have 2 horses, both QH mares. Babe is an old lady at 20 years, and unfortunate she had a hard time keeping weight. She is so sweet and loves riding around with my daughter in the saddle. She is technically not mine, but belongs to a deacon from my church. She stays at my house because another church member had her for some reason then moved and couldn't take her. She's been here at my farm for about 9 months.

    Candela is my bratty 5 year old that thinks she owns the place. Believe it or not, but we got her from a guy on Craigslist for free about 6 months ago. He came down with something and couldn't take care of her anymore. She is almost 17 hh. When we got her, she hadn't had human contact since she was just a filly. Now she is a spoiled brat that can run like she's being chases by greyhounds. I currently ride her for team roping but the idea when we got her was to breed her so my daughter can have a horse by the time she's 14 to barrel race on (my daughter is only six and loves barrel racing).

    I do all my own breaking and training and plan to do so until my joints tell me they've had enough. I also have two donkeys trained to tow a cart but I don't like them very much and wouldn't mind if someone took them off my hands. Unfortunately my wide loves those things and won't let me give them away. Any questions, comments or concerns are welcome!

  2. oscarsbudWell Known MemberMember

    HI! I had a horse many, many years ago and absolutely loved her. She was a quarterhorse/appaloosa mix who had the most beautiful little leopard apaloosa filly you'd ever want to see (of course I'm a bit biased). Would love to see pictures of yours.
  3. TXMattNew MemberMember


    And Babe
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  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    welcome to FishLore!

    Love your horses. Our neighbor has 5 horses and two mules who are always sticking their heads over the fence for carrots and apples. One of them used to reach through the fence and lick our dachshund on top of the head. He doesn't do that anymore maybe the dog doesn't taste good anymore LOL
  5. oscarsbudWell Known MemberMember

    Those are beautiful animals. And it is so great of you to give a loving home to Babe in her advancing years. You can tell she must have really been something in her prime.
  6. TXMattNew MemberMember

    She has always been a great horse. She is so calm and gentle and never got spooked by anything. She used to get ridden in parades a lot. I call my wife babe so sometimes when I'm out back and hollering for the horses I say "BABE!" And my wife comes running out thinking there is some kind of emergency. But we loves the horses. And my wife loves the donkeys. Oh as we also have 7 goats that always think thy are about to be on a dinner plate.
  7. ShineWell Known MemberMember

    I've had horses for over 20 years. My aunt on the other hand had a herd of donkeys... only one was actually pleasant and well trained. They were Maude, Spook, Edna and Elvis (my cousins named them and had no taste in my books :p). Oddly, based on the names, Spook was the only trained and ride-able one. Maude was evil, and the younger two were spoiled rotten.

    Your Candela is a good looking mare. Can't tell from the picture that she is as tall as you say though ;)
  8. TXMattNew MemberMember

    Oh she's huge. I'm 6'4 and the low spot on her back is at my shoulder. There is a guy that lives near me that has a mule that is almost 19 hh. He is HUMONGOS! His back is eye level to me.
  9. totesValued MemberMember

    OMG your horses are beautiful!!!!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I absolutely love horses- started riding lessons about 6 mos ago and can't wait to get a horse of my own!

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