My hoard of tanks


All of my tanks honestly need some decorating work, I keep putting it off because I just have to move stuff out of the way when I vacuum the gravel anyway, so they're kind of works in progress.

5.5 gallon tank, cycled with lots of happily growing plants, and will be adding a dwarf puffer TOMORROW! (very excited!) I have a snail population growing in there too, ready for the puffer.


10 gallon tank - 5 guppies, some red cherry shrimp, and an amano shrimp (+ about a million snails)
This tank's a mess, I still haven't gotten around to tying the java moss to the driftwood, and some plants are still kind of randomly thrown around.


75 gallon african cichlid tank - 4 peacock cichlids (1 male, 3 females), 2 plecos




125 gallon south american cichlid tank - 2 redhead cichlids, 1 jaguar cichlid, 1 tiger oscar, 1 jack dempsey and 2 plecos (LOTS of filtration on this tank)



(none of the other fish felt like coming out this time of night, but the oscar was happy to see me as always)

+ a 1.5 gallon betta tank that I hope to upgrade to a 3 gallon soon, but it looks ridiculous right now with how I have some things thrown around, I'll get it together tomorrow and upload a picture


Is your Oscar OK? It looks kind of sickly in the pic.

Where are the synspilus in your avatar?

Never mind, I see one now....
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She's fine! She did look better in other pics, this was just the only one that came out somewhat clear. Her fins aren't usually clamped like that, haha. I think it's just the angle (she wouldn't stop swimming as I was trying to take pictures). She does have HITH, which she's had since I got her, it hasn't gone away, but it also hasn't been getting worse (and I do a lot of water changes for her)

Also they're in the 125 gallon! That picture was from when I had two males though, now I'm down to one. You can see him in the picture of the tank behind the "O" shaped driftwood, he kind of blends in with the background.
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Here's another picture of her at a less awkward angle.


Nice tanks!
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