My Harlequin Is Swimming Strangely


I have 18 Harlequin Rasbora and only one of them seems to have this problem.
We have had them for about a year and a half now and we stared with 10 but they ended up breeding rather happily every couple months and a few fry survived(We never thought they would breed so quick so the tank wasn't set up for fry)
The fish in question I believe is store bought (he's bigger) and didn't swim like this till a few weeks ago, I though it was a swim bladder thing because he floats upward a little so we tried peas and thought he got better but it was hard to tell..
Sometime he swims fairly normal and is hard to spot, other times he's swimming like this:
(I took that a few days ago) His spine is curved like its broken or something.
Any help would be awesome. (Also his color is much more faded looking on the gif than irl)
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Welcome to Fishlore, sorry your first post is about a problem, hope our members can help answer your question today


a curved spine could be TB, which is contagious to humans from fish. I am not so sure he has a curved spine from your though.

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