My Guppy pond...low tech, low cost

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  1. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    Hello. Just thought I would share my experience with my guppy pond. I have had a medium (1000 gal) gold fish pond for a few years with good success. Got a slight case of Guppy fever and thought would be fun to set up a small outdoor guppy pond.

    I have a old farm watering trough (gavanised steal) that I have dragged around for years. It is around 120 gal. I put the trough in partial shade, filled and put a dwaph water lily, few cat tails and couple other water plants (plants are all potted). Trough is bare bottom to assist with cleaning. Added a few empty pots to give the fish a little more cover. Perform a water changes ever other week (use a 5 gal bucket, take 3 or 4 bucket full of water out at a time). Use the garden hose to refill (well water).

    Added two breeding pair of guppies. Try to feed daily, but comes out more like 5 times a week. Feeding dried flacks...assume their are bugs and such in the water being outside to balance out their diet. Guppys in pond are much more active then ones inside in my aquarium. My two males are white with red tails (easy to see in water), females are more gray (much harder to see). It been about a month and fish are healthy. Saw a fry the other day so thinking water quality is good. Hope to have some good fish to harvest this fall.

    Will try to post a few pictures of the pond and guppies I get this year from it.

  2. BornThisWayBettas Fishlore VIP Member

    Never really heard of a guppy pond, sounds fascinating! Yes, please do post pictures! :)

  3. Blk69 Valued Member Member


    have my pond outside by house. That is blackberry grown over the pond to offer some shade.

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    here a top view. Mind the mess. Been raining like ever day lately and weeds are out of control.
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  5. BornThisWayBettas Fishlore VIP Member

    Cool! I take it guppy ponds don't need to be huge?
  6. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    My guppies seam happy.
  7. Flowergarden129 New Member Member

    That's a great size. It tucks away nicely, and it's really pretty already.
  8. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    Thank you. So far it is working out well.
  9. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    We are going thru a early cold spell and the pond dipped to 65 deg F. Decided it was time to bring in my Guppies. All 4 adult guppies I put in the pond survived. I caught about 8 larger (1 to 2 months old) fry. There were still some little ones out there but will have to tear pond apart to get. Weather to warm up in a few days so leaving small fry out. Will harvest later in Sept.

    Had better results keeping guppies in my pond that in my tank. Suspect the soft water from my tap had a lot to do with my problems (pond had hard water). Will be starting up the pond again next spring.

    As my originally Guppies lived and I have babies I am calling the pond a success. I literally only feed the fish a few times this summer. Highly recommend Guppy ponds anyone who is interested.
  10. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    You could wrap the container with isolation or even old blankets. The steel will act as a conductor to ambient changes, with the wrap, it will keep it above low point.
  11. Leafray Valued Member Member

    This is exactly the same for me! I live in Minnesota and it regularly gets below 60 some nights :( At the beginning of summer, I dug a ok sized circular hole under a tree, lines with pond liner and filled it up with rainwater. I threw in a fountain/pump and some water lettuce along with albino blue double swords and some assorted guppy ( started with 10 I think ). In the middle of June I encountered pea water and after battling it, I decided to leave it... Never fed my guppies after that, they must've tripled in number! All the guppies I retrieved back from the pond were all so healthy! :)

    Currently breeding: h/b purple guppies
  12. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Very nice!

    Thanks for sharing the info and photos with us! Best wishes for your fish!

    Ken :)
  13. abdennebi nhaila New Member Member

    hello !but the guppys gives babys!!!
  14. Blk69 Valued Member Member

    Yes, my two pair of Guppies produced fry. I am estimating getting around 20 fry in total from them. Not to bad.
  15. aquaticlagoon New Member Member

    Very nice! I have a rubbermaid bin outside with a bunch of guppies and platys. Plants include najas, water hyacinth, pennywort, and umbrella palm. I love ponds in tubs/bins/buckets/etc, so cute and cheap!