20 Gallon Tank My guppy is trying to breed with a molly.

I have had these black mollies for 4 months now, 2f, and 1m, and they are both ready to give birth again very soon, I just bought 3 guppies, 2f,1m, and the male isn't interested in the guppies at all, he keeps chasing my largest molly around, and she is three times his size. is there something wrong with the female guppies or is he just more attracted to my molly? Weird, can't wait to see what happens. this pic is him, half silver, half navy blue, lovely fanned tail, and of her, shes enormous. Silly guppy.
Mollies and guppies can interbreed as can swordtails and palties. I'm actually trying to purposely breed guppies and mollies. They'll be fine. You have enough girls
lol, yeah, they're called "muppies." a lot of the time they are born sterile and there's a chance that they might not make it, but good luck with them!
actually, muppies is a rlly good name. Dont be surprised if your molly and guppy fornicate.
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