My Guppy’s Tail Is Falling Apart

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Brentley Johnson, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Brentley JohnsonValued MemberMember

    I have two guppies one has a tear through the center of the back fin and the second’s seems almost gone. I dont know whats wrong. And believe it or not the orange one is still alive. All my other fish are healthy. These were swimming around before i went to bed and ate food the afternoon before.

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  2. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    I'm against jumping to conclusions as to what's ailing a fish, but it looks very clear that something is very wrong with your water. Split tails in guppies are not uncommon, but that second fish on its side goes far beyond a split tail. Once you have a fish that can't stay upright, it's about gone.

    There are a lot of questions that go into finding a solution.

    How long have these guppies been in your tank?

    What are your water parameters? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?

    Is you tank cycled? Do you understand the cycling process?

    How often do you perform partial water changes and what percentage do you change out?

    Do you use water conditioner for the replacement water?

    Have you put any additives into the tank?

    What are you stocking levels, and what other kinds of fish do you have?
  3. Brentley JohnsonValued MemberMember

    These guppies have been in my tank a little over a week and I have been working today so I can check the paramaters. However my tank is two weeks old. And I have done a 15% water change once. I have a dalamation molly and a betta. I know the betta can be aggressive towarda the fish, however he is peaceful and swims away from the fish that comes near him. I also have a dwarf gourami and german blue ramDue to the tank only being two weeks I know that the cycle has not been anywhere near completed, but as of now the water is sparkling clear. I have used water conditioner with new water. And to be safe I let the 15% water sit with water conditioner for 24 hours before putting it in the tank. And for stocking... if you go by the inch rule, I have 15inches (adult sizes) for a 20 gallon tank.
  4. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    wait a gourami with a betta?!
  5. BrannorValued MemberMember

    That orange male has been attacked by something. Probably the betta as they don't like anyone else with flashy tales.

    As your tank is cycling with fish, you should be testing those parameters every 1-2 days and doing 50% water changes once that ammonia or nitrite starts their spikes.

    I do reckon that orange male is going to die from stress from being bullied in a cycling tank.
  6. Brentley JohnsonValued MemberMember

    Thats what I thought but when I talked with my LFS he said they can be with semi aggressive fish... they were with balas. However I have watched my tank like a hawk, and the only flaring my betta does is when he sees his reflection, and not towards any fish.
  7. Brentley JohnsonValued MemberMember

    What do you think for the Blue? That split has slowly gotten bigger
  8. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    How weird, usually bettas and gouramis are a disaster!
  9. Brentley JohnsonValued MemberMember

    Thats what I thought. But they swim past each other quite often. The DG will swim by causally and the betta will just float along.
  10. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    If your tank has been up for two weeks and you've only done one 15% water change, that's a problem. When I've cycled, I used goldfish, fed normally, and did a 25% water change every other day. The cycling always progressed well and the fish stayed healthy. With almost zero water changes, your toxins are building up. I'll bet when you test you'll see high levels of ammonia.

    I normally don't recommend water changes more than 25% or so because changing large amounts of water is stressful to fish. However, in this case I'd agree with the person who said to do 50% water changes, at least a couple times before backing it down.

    It's really important to get testing gear. I'd recommend the API Master Test Kit.