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Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by dawnearly, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. dawnearly

    dawnearlyNew MemberMember

    I just purchaced a Gourami Dwarf yesterday. This morning I noticed that he is hanging out at the top of the tank, and looking very sluggish. He also looks like he has "webs" coming off him. His colors are still ok, but I don't want to leave him in there and have my other fish die. I don't have a quarantine tank, as this is my very first tank, and my first couple of weeks with it. I have checked the ph, Nitrate Nitrite and Amonia and they seem to be normal....I only have test strips which the Petco gave me at the time of my tank purchase. Please help...I don't want to have to start my tank over. All the rest of the fish seem to be fine....4 neons, 1 platy, 3 guppies !!
  2. EmptyH

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    I am brand new to this myself so please don't take anything I say too seriously, but I just recently had a similar situation with a Gold Gourami so maybe it will help. When I got the Gold Gourami he stayed in the top corner of the tank for a day and barely moved. He would go down to the bottom and them float back up every so often, but other than that he never seemed to do anything. After being in the tank a little over a day he became more active. He claimed one of the decorations I have in the corner and started chasing off any of the Danios that got too close to him. He also occationally goes out into the middle of the tank. He is still pretty much a loner but he is showing more activity now and seems to be getting used to his new environment.

    Again I have to stress that I am NOT an expert, hopefully someone more knowledgable than myself will chime in with more info.
  3. Gunnie

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    Dawnearly, welcome to FishLore! It's great to have you with us! If your gourami constantly stays at the top of the water looking like he's gasping for air, then there is something wrong with your water quality. I would recommend at least a 25% water change to start off with. I understand you got the test strips which came with the tank purchase, but they have a reputation for not being very reliable. If you can afford to get an Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Master Test Kit, you will be much better off. Big Al's has them reasonably priced online:

    or you can try and find them locally on sale. The normal price at your local fish store is usually around $30.00, but sometimes you can get lucky. My guess is your tank is cycling, and your ammonia or nitrites are causing the gourami's problems. Let us know if the water change helps!

    I had a gold gourami also and had to move him twice because he was such a bully. As he gets bigger he will probably become more aggressive to your other fish even if they aren't doing anything to bother him. Just warning you! They are very pretty but can be real SOB's when they get older and bigger. ;)
  4. OP

    dawnearlyNew MemberMember

    Thank you for all the doesn't look like he is gasping for air. He just looks"sad" and he has seemed to come down a couple more times this evening!! I will take your advice Gunnie, and get a better test kit. This "cycling" process is scarry !!! Thanks again both of you for your comments and advice. I think I will be asking ALOT more questions until I get this new wonderful hobby down !!!
  5. Gunnie

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    Just an afterthought. You do know that gouramis can breath air like bettas, right? Gouramis usually hang around the upper level of the tank normally. If you see him go to the surface and look like he's taking a drink, he's just gulping some quick air. If he stays like that with his mough at the surface and his breathing is rapid, he's having trouble breathing. ;)
  6. OP

    dawnearlyNew MemberMember

    ok good, studying him for a while...yeah he is just taking some gulps of air every once in a while. Maybe he just likes it up there !!! I will stop stressing about it. They are just now like my little babies and I don't want any of them to die !!!
  7. Gunnie

    GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Once you get that master test kit, you will know exactly where your tank is in the cycle, and when you need to do a water change. It will be peace of mind for you.
  8. Maddison

    MaddisonNew MemberMember

    ive got a dwarf gurami too! and im having trouble with out, although by now im sure yours is al alrite, where as mine just keeps sitting at the bottom of the tank under one of my plants. and im new to this so its really stressing me out!! lol
  9. vin

    vinWell Known MemberMember

    Just an FYI - I took Gunnie's advice and got the test kit he mentions - has them for $14.00 if you can't find them locally......Everyone else is upwards of $30 as Gunnie said.......Very easy to use as well.
  10. dahly

    dahlyValued MemberMember

    I had two, one died and the other died two days later, of loneliness.  I bought two more and they are doing well.  They like companionship of the same species.  At least that is what I was told and then saw on my own.  good luck!
  11. beckers4oranges

    beckers4orangesValued MemberMember

    im kinda new to this so dont quote me...i have two dwarf gouramis and from what i understand they are one of the hardiest fish out there... they play around in thier tank together and move the rocks around... they probably got freaky lol...but i really like them because they are very active and fun to watch...i will probably be buying more within the next few weeks...