My gourami has red eyes

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    Shabnam New Member Member

    Hi, have learned so much from this site thanks.
    I have 3 black angels, 1 blue angel and 1 blushing angel - along with 2 balas and 1 gourami. For some reason my gouramis and my blushing angels eyes are slightly red around the outer circle. They behave normally - donot look sick, as greedy as possible. can someone help? ??? thank you
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    Jason Well Known Member Member

    When you got your gourami did it already have red eyes or did it just get it? I've seen quite a few angels with a red line passing through there eyes and they seemed fine, but if they just got it maybe theres something wrong i'm not sure
  3. OP

    Shabnam New Member Member

    thanks, i didnt see it before - they look alright otherwise. I guess I should wait and see - i asked some aquarium shops but got a blank stare. :)

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    Luke 16 New Member Member

    My gourami is the same it has [color=Red eyes u hav nothin 2 worry about
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    brydevil666 New Member Member

    My striped angel is white with black stripes and it has an orange stripe going through its eyes and ive had it for about 4 months and it seems fine.Your gouramis should be just fine its just different,but if your still worried get in contact with a fish breeder. ;) :)
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    Craig Well Known Member Member

    yeah my gourami has red eyes as well dont worry about it it seems normal
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    Craig Well Known Member Member

    most of those guys in the shops no nothin like lol :D