My good morning that wasn't so good

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2HeadedBoy, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. 2HeadedBoy

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    I've got a 20G that's been having some ammonia problems, a 5G that I'm cycling and a 10G in which I'm cycling and soaking driftwood in.

    Did my water tests this morning and the 20G had 0.0 ammo and my sick tetra was eating and swimming around. Sweet! Then I tested the 5G + 10G to check the status of their nitrogen cycles. Both tanks are now processing about 3-4 ppm ammonia every 48hrs not to mention both were showing off the chart nitrites and increased nitrates. Awesome, they're almost done cycling! Plus, my driftwood has sunk to the bottom and hasn't leached tannins for about a week now. Sounds like a good morning, right? That's what I thought too.

    While taking water from the 20G for testing I noticed that my filter had shut down over night. Ugh. Then, after all the testing and feeding I noticed that my temp was down to 68. Ummm, forgot to plug the heater back in after my water change last night. So I plugged the heater in and did a small water change with 80deg water and some prime to help get the temp back up. It brought the temp up 3 degs to 71. Ok, got everything settled and I can get on with my day. Nope, knocked over the bottle of prime on my bedroom carpet. :'(

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh! I'm going back to bed.:;dk
  2. JoannaB

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    Going back to bed sounds like a good plan to me. Good luck with your tanks!
  3. OP

    2HeadedBoyValued MemberMember

    Thanks, temp is now back to norm. Everyone seems to be ok. Even my sick tetra was nipping at the female and chasing her around today...that's always a good sign.

    Thing is, i always check that my filters are running and my temp is ok before I go to bed. Don't know what happened last night...:;eatdrink
  4. slimeneo

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    You were probably too tired, happens to me sometimes.. Well not that exact scenario, ofc. My water changes usually take hours even though I have tiny tanks, I always end up changing the scape and end up exhausted.. I once forgot to unplug the heater while I was changing the water and only noticed when I had already drained 40% of the water.... Luckily it didn't explode or anything ><
  5. OP

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    Nah, what happened was this. I did a small wc so I wouldn't have to turn off my filters. Normally I turn off the surge protector and everything shuts down. I never forget to turn that back on. This time I only unplugged the heater and just totaly spaced on plugging it back in.

    This is how deviating from your normal cleaning process can cause errors.