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Discussion in 'lilirish' started by lilirish, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Well...As you know I originally had a 75 gallon tank that had a mishap, the replacement bought in a pinch was a 72 gallon bow.

    Here is the thread with the "mishap" - Not a fun phone call to receive while at work
    Here is a picture of the old tank

    Here is a video of the new tank...It is still a work in progress.
    The old tank had rocky gravel, this tank has black sand.
    The old tank had statues, clay pots, and a couple pieces of driftwood, this tank has all new large pieces of driftwood made by me.
    I am debating adding my old silk plants back in to the tank...opinions?

    Oh, and this weekend the mollies are being rehomed - they are cute and I like how they seem to school along with the goldfish but I am not as fond of them as the goldfish :)
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    It's beautiful!!! I love the black sand, and the driftwood is awesome! And of course I loooove your Goldies! :D
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    Thank you! I can't wait until they grow...they are such tiny little things right now. Wizard is the only full grown one and the rest seem lost in the tank lol.