My glofish suddenly died

My glofish suddenly died.

Literally it was fine swimming around one second then the next it was dead, I watched it happen and have no idea what caused it, my main concern is the other fish.. I took the fish that died out very quickly and the fish body is fully intack no slime no fuz no fungus the colour is bright. It looks perfectly healthy but it died?

The other fish in my tank seem fine, I put a bit of stress coat in there incase. Are the rest going to die like this out of nowhere? In my year of keeping fish this has never happend. I have seen ick and things like that but extreme sudden death is a first occurance for me. I tested my levels in my water and all come out fine, the temp was a little bit higher than normal aprox 2 degrees but its gone back down to normal over the last couple hours now.

Hello Inky and Welcome to Fish Lore! Sorry to hear you lost one of your glowfish. If your readings for ammonia are 0, nitrite is 0 and nitrates 5-20 then we can rule out cycle problems. It could be that the fish died of natural causes, old age? If the rest of your fish are doing fine and your readings are where they need to be I wouldn't worry too much. Keep your eye on things and keep us posted.
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